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Getting ready for a house hunt

Buying a home is the costliest financial decision for many of us, and it pays to be prudent while we are buying one. While technology can be of immense help to zero in some choices, there are instances where you can get swayed – and these decisions will have a lasting impact on your financial status for years, if not decades, to come. Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure you get the best deal:

Prioritize your requirements

A Vaastu compliant home in 7 easy ways

Vaastu Shastra deals with all the five elements of nature, and tells us how to balance them to create a harmonious place to live or work. Right from the directions faced by each of the sections of a living space to placing specific element at certain locations, Vaastu Shastra tells us how we can encourage positive energy in our dwelling. However, modern living makes it harder to be fully Vaastu compliant

5 reasons why Hennur is the place to be

The beginning of operations at the new international airport at Devanahalli was the catalyst for the growth spurt of Hennur. With the airport came tech parks, and that sparked interest among home buyers and other investors, making Hennur one of the most sought after areas in Bengaluru. Today, Hennur is a microcosm of global culture – thanks to the multitude of educational institutions and MNCs which are located in and around the area. Here are five reasons why you should consider Hennur for your next home:

Real Esate in Vizag is booming. Buy a home now !

The very genesis on which the entity Shriram has evolved is 'lending a helping hand'. With such a background, Corporate Social Responsibility is just an extension of the group's policies. In Karnataka, Shriram Properties Private Limited is actively associated with Karnataka Welfare Association for the Blind (KWAB), which caters to nearly 120 visually impaired children above the age of four. This association began with the employees of Shriram Properties, contributing a bit from their salary earnings.