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That Deal of a Lifetime: Does it Really Exist?

As consumers, there are many things which set us apart. We come from a variety of social backgrounds, have diverse professions and even speak different languages. But if there’s one thing that ties us all together, it’s that we are on an eternal journey to find the best deal. In a perfect world, we would be able to get the best quality for the lowest price, especially when we’re buying a property.

Trend Alert! Here Are The 2018 Colour Trends Predictions.

As we enter 2018, it’s time to embrace a whole new look for your home decor. Many of the popular trends of 2017 haven’t made it to this year’s list, giving way to a fresh, new colour palette. The overall colour trends for this year lean towards neutral, cool tones which soothe your senses and declutter your mind. The colours for 2018 reflect a departure from chaotic colour palettes, with greater emphasis on colours which help you relax and unwind.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-All You Need to Know

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme is a landmark step taken by the government to make home ownership accessible to all income groups. Under this scheme, special interest subsidies are available to lower and middle income groups depending upon which income bracket they fall under. With the help of these interest subsidies on home loans, individuals who would previously find it very difficult to buy a home can finally make their ambitions of becoming a homeowner come true.

Best Tax-Saving Options to Explore in the Home-Buying Process

Every person who lives in a rented apartment dreams of becoming a homeowner one day. Investing in real estate is one of the best decisions you can make because it is one of the few avenues of investment where you are almost guaranteed to make high returns. Buying a home can also prove beneficial in the immediate future by letting you take advantage of various tax benefits.

10 Beautifully Decorated Small Apartment Ideas to Inspire You

Moving into a 1 bedroom apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get a spacious, beautiful home. Small apartments offer infinite decorating opportunities. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while decorating your small apartment. When you move into a small 1 bedroom apartment, you usually want to make your house look more spacious, find new ways to add and add a splash of your personality to your interiors. Here are ten apartments to inspire you when you start decorating your own. They might be small but they certainly have a big impact.

Learn easiest indoor home decor ideas with real flowers and zero maintenance

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Your home is that place where you come back to after a long, tiring day. So it is essential to ensure that your home décor is trendy, fresh and almost zero maintenance. The best way to add a tinge of freshness to the air and bring a little nature into your home is to use real flowers. Flowers add greatly to the decor of your house and make your home come alive. The fragrance in the air smells like a dream.

9 DIY Tips to Help Upgrade Your Small Balcony

With most of us living in apartments these days, the only patch of the outdoors we have in our home is our balcony. These balconies are usually quite small and don’t look like they could be put to much use. However, with a little creativity, your small balcony can be transformed into a cosy, green haven you’ll love to spend time in. You don’t need a huge budget and extra built-up area to have the balcony of your dreams. Here are a few simple DIY tricks that will take your balcony from boring to beautiful.

1. Use string lights to your advantage

Spruce up you Holiday Home in 3 Easy Ways

Think of a holiday home and the images that come to mind are cosy bedrooms with comfortable linens, a balcony with a view, a garden to tend and just the right amount of sunlight seeping through the windows.
But come back to reality and it almost seems like that might still be a dream to far away. Doesn’t it? Well not anymore. Choosing the right holiday home is all about figuring out your must-haves in a holiday home, and finding a builder who understands what is important to you.

1] Defines Your Lifestyle:

Storage Spots You May Be Ignoring At Your Home

Many of the new houses built in cities are getting smaller and smaller and these space constraints are observed by more or less every house owner. It can get frustrating to live in a small home where you never seem to have enough room for storage, furniture and day-to-day life. You might also feel like moving somewhere else with a few more closets. But, did you know that there’s more space at your home that you can consider transforming for utility purpose? Here are few hidden spots in your house that you may not have thought about.

1. Corners