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'Take it Easy' - Homes That Bring This Mantra to Life

What’s the most difficult part about going on vacation? That they have to come to an end! Saying goodbye to the comforts of your resort can be heartbreaking when you know that you will soon be back home, with no one to pamper you anymore. After enjoying breathtaking views of golden sandy beaches and the brilliant blue seas, the view from your office window pales in comparison.

Benefits of Marathon Running: Why You Should Become a Marathon Runner

If being fitter is one of your 2018 goals, then running a marathon should be part of your bucket list. Covering 42 kms at one go might sound impossible at first, but it will give you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you finally make it to the finish line. If you are still contemplating on taking this leap, here are a few reasons why you should start training to run a marathon.

Mangadu near Porur: The fastest growing locality in Chennai

Chennai has emerged as one of the most coveted real estate destinations in the country. With investments pouring in from some of the largest corporations in the world, this city is undergoing rapid expansion. Today, it is home to major software, IT, biotech and manufacturing companies. Because of this, the suburban areas of Chennai are becoming an investor’s paradise. One of the most popular up-and-coming localities of Chennai is Mangadu.

5 Ways apartments can help you become a part of a thriving community

Today, apartments have become the most popular option for families looking to invest in their dream home. Apart from the obvious benefits like affordability and convenience, there’s another major perk to apartment life that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Living in an apartment could be the perfect place for you to build a strong network of close friends. Unlike individual homes which can make you feel isolated, apartments foster the spirit of togetherness. Here are just a few ways how apartments can help you become a part of an exciting and vibrant community.


The Most Coveted Villaments in Bangalore Just Got a Lot More Exciting

If there is one thing most of us have in common, it’s that we nurture a secret desire to one day move out of our apartments and into a spacious villa. As soon as we see the cost of buying one, though, we put our dreams on hold indefinitely. At Shriram Properties, however, we believe in helping each of our customers find their dream home. This is why, we are offering you something even better than a villa, at a cost lower than an apartment!

Would you believe us if we say you can own a home at 7000*?

Many of us plan to buy a home of our own one day but the idea of spending such a huge chunk of our hard-earned money can make it seem too intimidating. Because of this, we end up shelving our home ownership plans and continue to live in a rented home. But what if you could finally be free from landlords, security deposits and restrictive rental agreements for a fraction of the cost you pay for your rent? And the best part? There’s no catch. If this sounds like an impossible deal, you haven’t heard of Shriram Greenfield yet! Rs.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register Your Property

Buying a home can often seem like a long, tedious process, but it all becomes worth the effort when you finally have a house to your name. However, there is one final step to complete before you can actually claim this property as your own. Registering your property is crucial because it gives you legal rights over it. This is why registration is the last but most important step in the first-time home buying process.