At Shriram Properties, we are committed to bring down the carbon footprint of our projects. We adhere to all norms, ensure lower energy consumptions with intelligent designs which maximize sunlight and cross ventilation.


In a world where sustainable development, green living and environmental concerns are factors affecting business decisions, we at Shriram Properties have made it an integral part of our ventures. We stress on the development and maintenance of greenery, with the use of environment-friendly technology and design. We adopt the simple, yet highly effective 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' policy. With a strict adherence to all the norms with regards to the environment, we ensure every project by Shriram Properties is unquestionably environmental compliant.


In addition to making our construction projects energy efficient and sustainable, we ensure they are cocooned in nature too. Our construction blends into the surrounding greenery, instead of replacing it. We have water treatment plants in our ventures to conserve water, and use recycled water for gardening and other general purposes. Our ventures also make use of solar panels to provide you with clean energy.

    Save the planet! Carpool to work.

    To keep our Environment Clean & Green we need to burn less carbon and use our resources optimally. Let’s Drive Along(LDA) is one such solution where people come together to car pool & commute. This ensures we use less cars on the road & we collectively reduce the carbon footprint as well as traffic congestion on the roads. LDA is a pure carpooling solution, where one can use cars by turns with no money exchange involved. Use LDA, save MONEY and Save EARTH. Let us be a part of the solution and not the pollution: Let’s Drive Along