Shriram Greenfield Amenities

Shriram Greenfield Old Madras Road - Amenities

Children’s Play Area

safe space for chilgren in Shriram Greenfield old madras road

One of the most important aspects of childhood is playing, gift your child a safe place to play and enjoy the thrill of swinging, climbing, sliding and just running around in a vehicle-free zone rather than in a building basement amid parked vehicles.

Landscape Garden

Landscape Garden at Shriram Greenfield

A well maintained garden of flowering trees, verdant green grass, attractive fountains and neatly trimmed shrubs; a landscaped garden not only improves the aesthetics of the surroundings, it also gives you space to relax in lush green ambience.

Swimming Pool

swimmingpool at Shriram Greenfield

Chill out in a well maintained pool and get your daily workout with a few laps around the pool. With the convenience of a pool at your doorstep, you can indulge in a workout or just chill whenever you want.

Basketball Court

basketballcourt at Shriram Greenfield

Re-live you athletic days in college and have a friendly match with your peers at the courts. With a proper basketball court just waiting to be used, you need not plan a great deal to indulge in a fun filled match.

Skating Post

skating at Shriram Greenfield

Highly popular amongst teens and kids, skating is the next best thing to cycling. For skating a smooth expansive surface is the primary requirement and that’s just what this skating post provides, a safe arena to learn or perfect the art of skating.

Jogging Path

jogging at Shriram Greenfield

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a bit of jogging in the company of like-minded health enthusiasts. Go for an early morning, late evening or even night run on the well maintained track in the midst of the complex.

Tennis Court

tenniscourt at Shriram Greenfield

A good workout and a great game is what tennis all about. Be it one-on-one or a good game of doubles; indulge in a weekly or even daily game of tennis at the courts, all within the complex. Maintain your physique with tennis.

Open Amphitheatre

amphitheater at Shriram Greenfield

Providing space for the residents to express their creativity or get together for a nice movie. Song, dance, drama; set the stage and encourage originality to blossom at the open amphitheatre in Shriram Greenfields.

Water Cascade

watercascade at Shriram Greenfield

Water is calming, and it also makes the environs around a few degrees cooler, hence waterfalls are generally popular. Adding to the cool ambience and creating a lovely backdrop we have a cascading waterfall that adds to the serenity of Shriram Greenfields.

Maze Garden

mazegarden at Shriram Greenfield

Green and fun, that’s what a maze garden is all about! Get lost in a sea of greenery and work your way out in our maze. A green maze garden adds to the greenery and also adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

Volleyball Court

volleyball at Shriram Greenfield

If basketball is not your game, then rustle up a team and have a vigorous game of volleyball. A great team sport, volleyball makes working up a sweat a great deal of fun! Reconnect with your inner sportsperson and have a great game.

Senior Citizen’s Park

seniorcitizenpark at Shriram Greenfield

Away from the ruckus of the boisterous games and safe from vehicles, running children, skating enthusiasts or even cyclists, we have created a safe haven for the elderly who can enjoy a bit of green, good company and fresh air.


clubhouse at Shriram Greenfield

Socialise with your co-residents in the club. A great way to meet and spend quality time with your neighbours, the clubhouse allows for a common place to meet, eat and greet! Relax and chill out in the plush ambience of the clubhouse.


library at Shriram Greenfield

For the bookworm in the family, we have even provided a library. A nice place to relax in the company of authors and their imagination or study for the next big test, a library is a nice quiet zone for serious readers.


creche at Shriram Greenfield

Working moms are a common phenomenon and having a crèche in the neighbourhood of your residence is the next best thing to having someone at home for your kid. Work tension-free and leave your young children in the care of good hands.

Wifi Connectivity

wifi at Shriram Greenfield

In this day and age of getting everything done online, Wifi is not a luxury but a necessity for most households. Taking care of that basic need, Shriram Greenfields provides Wifi connectivity to all units ensuring that you are online all the time.


cctv at Shriram Greenfield

Security is one of the primary advantages in a gated community. In addition to security at the gates, we have round the clock surveillance on all the happenings in the complex with CCTVs installed in all key areas.

Provision for Convenience Store

convenience store at Shriram Greenfield

For all the odds and ends, groceries, emergency supplies and daily needs we have a created a convenience store area. Get all your basic shopping done at your doorstep without having to drive all the way out to the nearest mall or retailer.

Table Tennis

tabletennis at Shriram Greenfield

Childhood days of bouncing the ball off the dining table to playing a proper game on a professional table tennis table… we have ensured that you can indulge in a nice game of table tennis at our indoor table tennis arena.

Indoor Badminton Court

badminton at Shriram Greenfield

Remember playing badminton across a string tied to represent the net; well instead we have created nice shaded indoor court for badminton enthusiasts. A proper net and well marked boundaries; get into a great game of badminton in our indoor badminton court.

Community Hall

communityhall at Shriram Greenfield

Celebrations, birthdays or a nice get-together, plan a grand social event and leave the worry of booking the space to us… with a nice community hall in the vicinity of your residence itself, planning a social event becomes so much easier!

Steam and Sauna

steamandsauna at Shriram Greenfield

We take rejuvenation and relaxation seriously in all aspects, hence a steaming room and sauna is but a small provision that we have included to ensure just that. Sweat it out and rejuvenate yourself in the sauna at Shriram Greenfields.

Meditation Room

meditation at Shriram Greenfield

Calm and peaceful, we even have a meditation room where all likeminded people can get in touch with their spiritual self. Meditate and calm the inner turmoil in the peace and quiet of the meditation room.


gym at Shriram Greenfield

Get your daily workout in our well-equipped gym. Be it jogging on the treadmill or pushing your body to its limits with weights, recharge in the gym without having to traverse across the city. Plus with the gym so close home, you can hit the gym be it rain or sunshine.


billiards at Shriram Greenfield

Play with sticks and balls! No, its not cricket but an equally fun, though less strenuous and way more sophisticated, game of billiards. With all the equipment on hand, challenge your opponent in a friendly match and hone your skills.

Mini Theatre

basketballcourt at Shriram Greenfield

For all the movie buffs we have also added a mini theatre. Watch a good movie with family and friends on a nice big screen without stepping out of the complex. For a change, walk to the theatre instead of driving to it!

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