Studio apartment or a one Bedroom apartment in Bangalore

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If you are deciding between renting a studios apartment and a one bedroom apartment in Bangalore then read on to find the pros and cons of both.

One bedroom apartments are popular with youngsters in the city. Most working professionals prefer renting one bedroom apartments in Bangalore. These apartments are just right for a first home as its spacious enough a single person as well as for a newly married couple. If renting one bedroom apartment is out of your budget, then a studio apartment is the option for you.

Renting a studio apartment will reduce the expense on rent to a considerable amount. Studio apartment is generally a room which has a kitchen and a bathroom. But most people do not like the idea of having their kitchen, bedroom and living area at one place but are forced to rent a studio apartment to save money on rent. If this is the case with you then there are ways make your studio apartment look like a one bedroom apartments without spending too much money.

Space is the main issue with a studio apartment. Buy furniture which is compact and saves space. Foldable beds are a great option and also save space. You can convert the bed to a sofa in the day time and make it seem like a living room and at night it can be converted into a bedroom.

Using room dividers creates an illusion of a wall. This helps in making the studio apartment look like an apartment. This also makes it look more elegant. You can also use curtains to divide the rooms. The kitchen area can have dividers to separate it from rest of the room. If there is space put in a table and few chairs and you can use it like a dining area.

Small changes to your studio apartment can make it look as good as a one bedroom apartment.