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Shriram Temple Bells - Eco Zone

Natural trees and fields of green grass are widespread throughout Temple Bells. Amongst this landscape one will discover something wondrous and unique; a modern neighbourhood with a waterfront living. Affordable. Grandiose. The list goes on. Seemingly, every stage of life has been covered at Temple Bells. Abundant ground water availability is what Temple Bells promises its residents.

Rain water harvesting is a thrust area that needs focus.Conserving and harvesting water to save every drop is what we believe at Shriram Temple Bells. Rain water harvest structures have become mandatory to avoid ground water depletion and we help to maintain a clean eco system within the community.

The increased algae, reduced oxygen and murkiness destroy the ability of a stream or lake to support wildlife, and all life forms quickly die. Shriram Temple Bells has incorporated a Sewage Treatment Plant to ensure the well-being of the community and the environment as well. This recycled water is then used to water the plants in the community.

Shriram Temple Bells is an active advocator of solar powered community which makes it a free, clean and a renewable source. Temple Bells uses energy efficient technology to enhance the eco credentials.Shriram Temple Bells thus does its part in allowing technology and nature to co-exist.

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