If being fitter is one of your 2018 goals, then running a marathon should be part of your bucket list. Covering 42 kms at one go might sound impossible at first, but it will give you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you finally make it to the finish line. If you are still contemplating on taking this leap, here are a few reasons why you should start training to run a marathon.

  1. You will become a calorie-burning machine 

For most people, the biggest reason why they start training for marathons is to become fitter. If you feel unmotivated by the confining walls of your gym, running in the open air can be just the fix you need. Running a marathon can burn up to 2,600 calories in a single race! Training for a marathon can be strenuous, but when you have beautiful views surrounding you, it becomes a lot easier to bear.

  1. Your diet will begin to improve

Preparing to run a marathon makes you more mindful of your body and what you put into it. Since you’re burning so many calories, you need to ensure that you are filling up on healthy fuel. Eating healthy will start becoming less of a challenge when you begin to learn more about the nutrients in food and how it will help you during your run. As you become more conscious of the food you eat, it will seem only natural to refuse junk food and reach out for fruits instead. In this way, the benefits of marathon running are more than just .physical; they have a holistic impact on your health.

  1. You will lower your risk of heart disease

On the outside, it might seem like it’s your legs that are doing most of the work when you train for a marathon, but your heart is working just as hard! Since your heart needs to beat faster to pump oxygen through your body while you run, it becomes stronger. This can significantly lower the risk of a heart attack, reduce blood pressure, bring down cholesterol levels and improve your overall cardiac health. Enhancing your long-term health is one of the most important long-distance running benefits.

  1. You will become more motivated

Training for a marathon involves discipline and focus; two qualities that can also work wonders in your everyday life. Running a marathon can be very rigorous, but ultimately, it’s your determination and will-power that will get you to the finish line. Marathon runners are ready to tackle challenges head-on and have a never-say-never approach to life. They also have to stay disciplined as sticking to a healthy diet, and a training plan requires determination. As you begin training for a marathon, you might also notice that you are more focused and productive at work. The benefits of running a marathon don’t just end when you complete the race but continue to be translated into every aspect of your life.

  1. It’s a great way to build your confidence 

When you complete a 42km run, there is almost nothing in life which can shake your confidence. While many sign up for a marathon, few can actually reach the finish line. When you are one of the select few to complete a marathon, you will begin to feel like you can cross almost any obstacle that life throws at you. This can make you more assertive at work, self-confident about your decisions and charged with positive energy to complete any goal you set for yourself.

  1. You can become a happier person 

One of the benefits of long distance running is that it can be very therapeutic, especially if you lead a highly stressful lifestyle. Exercise leads to a surge of endorphins, the ‘feel-good hormones’, in your body. This is why, even after running long distances, at the end of the marathon, you feel elated instead of drained. Also, training for a marathon every day can make you happy and calm. Getting some time to yourself while you run can help you rethink your priorities and reduce the effects of stress in your life. Some studies have found that running long distances, such as marathons, can also alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Setting aside a portion of your day to train for your marathon could benefit you in more ways than you realise. Becoming more physically active is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. This is why at Shriram Properties, we place a significant emphasis on outdoor recreational facilities. Our jogging tracks surrounded by beautiful greenery are the perfect place for you to train for your next marathon.

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