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What’s the secret to happiness? Or as Superstar Rajnikanth would say, ‘Magizhchi’. Philosophers over centuries have pondered over this question, but the answer might be a lot more simpler than we think. For some, happiness is coming back home to their children. For others, it’s going on a much-deserved vacation after a long time. While ‘magizhchi’ can mean different things to different people, there are some things that can bring a smile to all of our faces.

Magizhchi lies in vacations that never end

For almost every family in Chennai, long weekends mean only one thing: an impromptu trip to Pondicherry. The quaint French quarters of Pondicherry are the perfect getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The picturesque yellow and white villas that line the avenues of Pondicherry hint at a lifestyle of leisure and tranquility. At Project Code Magizhchi, we recreate this feeling for you to ensure that you enjoy every single day. Our homes are inspired by the charming colonial architecture that Pondicherry is synonymous with. So forget the three hour drive to Pondicherry. Your weekend getaway is now your home!

Magizhchi lies in making every moment exciting

In our books, a moment without joy is a moment wasted. But when we get caught up in our work and get too busy, often times we forget to just take a deep breath and enjoy the small things in life. Imagine if you could start every day with a brisk run among beautiful tree-lined paths. Or if you could reignite your passion for your favourite sports by getting back in the arena and practicing again. Or maybe you just want to lie back and relax while you watch your children splash around in a swimming pool. With Project Code Magizhchi, you will never have to experience a dull moment ever again. Our 50+ amenities ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. When you become a part of the thriving community here, don’t be surprised if you forget what boredom even feels like!

Magizhchi lies in being close to everything you love

Distance doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. When your commute to work is long and stressful, you spend more time on the road than relaxing at home. If your children’s school isn’t nearby, mornings are rushed and cranky. Without convenience stores, shopping malls and restaurants in the neighbourhood, life can soon get very tedious. At Project Code Magizhchi, everything you need for a stress-free life is right within your reach. Located just 4 stations from Tambaram, your new home here offers you excellent connectivity by road, rail and air. It is also very close to some of the biggest IT parks in Chennai, so you can say goodbye to long commutes to work!

Magizhchi lies in having boundless space to yourself

If you live in a city, you know that space isn’t something that you can take for granted. This is why, most Chennaites head to the beach when they need to unwind. Basking in the endless expanse of the bright blue sea and golden beaches is the perfect antidote to the hectic schedules most of us have. But you can’t escape to the beach every day. Luckily, when you already have a home that offers you a vast expanse of space, you won’t need to! Project Code Magizhchi is one of the most unique projects in the city because it offers 36 acres of open green landscapes for you to take in. This oasis of serenity in the heart of the city is the perfect place for your children to play, your dogs to run in and for you to just lie back on the grass and relax in.

Magizhchi lies in having a carefree future

Living in the moment is a wonderful mantra by which to live your life. However, you can only be truly happy when you know your future is going to be well taken care of. At Project Code Magizhchi, magizhchi knows no end! Our homes are available at a very competitive price, so you can be assured that you are getting the top amenities at a price that fits your budget. But the best part about having a home here is that it only gets better with time! Given the location Guduvanchery, you are guaranteed a high price appreciation over time. With the assurance of a secure future, you can sit back and enjoy all the incredible amenities that Project Code Magizhchi has to offer!

At Project Code Magizhchi by Shriram Properties, you won’t just get the keys to your dream home, but the keys to everlasting happiness! Book a site visit today to learn more. If you are unsure about how to take your first steps towards becoming a homeowner, you can also read our Complete Guide for First-Time Homebuyers in India.

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