Last Modified: 07 Mar 2017  |  Trends and Homestyles

The concept of environmentally sustainable residential spaces is considered as a new way of life and is emerging as a trend in India. Moreover, the awareness about this concept is strongly gaining grounds.

Along with it, homebuilders are increasingly courting environmentally-minded customers by providing features and building techniques that are novel. Manufacturers who are devising a wider array of sustainable and energy saving products is also backing the homebuilders.

Green homes as a concept has gained its roots with the idea of energy efficiency. Now, with more education about the different aspects of green, homebuyers has their own interpretations and approach towards this, depending on their personal interests. The green homes umbrella today may include:

•    Using environmentally sustainable products and techniques
•    Fresh air ventilation that improves indoor air quality
•    Limiting pollutants and contaminants in the home
•    Water conservation practices
•    Preventing moisture problems that can contribute to mold
•    Reducing home maintenance through enhanced durability

Residential and office buildings account for most of the country’s overall energy consumption. At this rate, accepting green homes as a way of life has certainly become an imperative and response for green residential buildings increasing with every passing year says it clearly. As a matter of fact, ushering Indian real estate into an era of sustainability requires well-defined principles and that is what Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes Rating System mandates.

IGBC is a unique rating and certification programme for Indian residential sector with highly disciplined development approach that is aimed towards delivering environmentally sustainable projects. To obtain an IGBC certification, a developer of a multi-storey residential project needs to meet certain mandatory requirements and obtain a certain amount of ‘green’ credits.

The certification clearly sets positive expectations in terms of obtaining immediate, sustained and tangible benefits on savings generated by reduced water and power consumption and healthy lifestyle due to better living environments. We also need to reflect on the fact of added appreciation value for these green homes. Few years from now, green certified homes will have the highest resale value in the property market.

So why wait? Invest in a green certified home by Shriram Properties today and experience the sustainable benefits.

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