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Have you been feeling, lately, like your desk job is getting the better of you? Then it’s time to kickstart a more active lifestyle by going for a run! The Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon in association with NEB Sports is the perfect opportunity to get out onto the streets of Bangalore and work up a sweat. If you feel you aren’t ready to run a full marathon just yet, start practicing with the five scheduled training runs to build up your stamina. The Green Initiative Run, scheduled for the 5th of August, is one of these five runs. This run is inspired by the core philosophy of Shriram Properties to promote eco-friendly, sustainable measures. Here’s why you should participate in the Green Initiative Run and contribute towards a cleaner, greener Bangalore.

  1. Experience Bangalore in a whole new way

Running on a treadmill looking at the same blank wall is no fun. Why stay indoors when you could be running through the greenest roads Bangalore has to offer? By participating in the Green Initiative Run, you will also have the chance to experience this city at its best. At 6 am before the sun is shining in all its glory, the roads are empty and quiet. While you might be familiar with the routes, we can guarantee that you will discover a whole new side to this city. As the run ends in Cubbon Park, you will also be able to see the many birds that call this park home out and at their most active. With such beautiful distractions all around, even the most novice runner will have no trouble crossing the finish line!

  1. Play your part in making the city beautiful

Running the entire distance of a run can be mentally and physically challenging, but it gets a lot easier when you know you’re doing it for a good cause. The ‘Garden City’ of India is one of the most beautiful places to live in, but each one of us needs to do our part in keeping it that way! At the Green Initiative Run, you can contribute towards a cleaner and greener Bangalore, while also having a lot of fun. Right after your 5 km run, you can bring out your inner artist by giving drab pavements a colourful makeover. Unleash your creativity and add splashes of colours and patterns to add your personal touch to your favourite city. Participants can also help pick up litter and make the city even more delightful for its residents.

  1. Run your way to a healthier lifestyle!

Have you been eating a few too many slices of pizza lately, but staying away from the gym? There’s no shame in it; we’ve all had those days! However, here’s a chance to work up a sweat and burn those extra calories! Training for a marathon is the perfect way to jumpstart a fitter and healthier lifestyle. It requires you to build up your stamina, train smart, practice regularly and follow a clean, balanced diet. The changes that you make to your lifestyle when you’re training for a marathon can help you develop healthy habits that stay with you for life. It might be challenging at first, but when you do cross that finish line, the sense of accomplishment that overcomes you makes it all worth it!

  1. Keep your endorphins flowing!

Nothing beats the runner’s high you ride on after an exhilarating run. The blood pumping through your veins and bags of fresh air filling your lungs gives you a rush few other things can. At the Green Initiative Run, you can enjoy this high even after you cross the finish line! Zumba and yoga sessions will be organised after the main event and is open to all participants. So whether you want to bust out a move or find your centre, here’s the perfect opportunity to get an extra boost of the feel-good hormones!

  1. Make memories that will never fade away

Photos on a screen can’t replace the nostalgia and sentimentality we feel for printed photographs. What better way to celebrate completing a run than to take a picture that you can treasure forever? We have fun photo booths stationed at multiple points across the entire stretch along with funny props that you can pose with. So if you spot one, make a detour and pop in to take some wacky pictures you can treasure for life.

Can’t wait to get your feet moving and your heart racing? The Green Initiative Run by Shriram Properties will be held on 5th August. It will be a 5 km run starting at Kanteerava Stadium and ending at Cubbon Park. So get out your running shoes and join us in making the city of Bangalore a more environmentally-friendly place to live in!

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