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Buying a home is the costliest financial decision for many of us, and it pays to be prudent while we are buying one. While technology can be of immense help to zero in some choices, there are instances where you can get swayed – and these decisions will have a lasting impact on your financial status for years, if not decades, to come. Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure you get the best deal:

Prioritize your requirements

Do you want to stay in the city, or in the outskirts? How important is closeness of educational institutions for you? Are you going to stay with your elders, and do you need to consider the proximity to hospitals? Evaluate the location, amenities, surroundings and other features.

Decide on the type of the house

This depends upon your preference – and the needs of your loved ones, too. Large apartment complexes usually have plenty of amenities, while the smaller ones demand a premium because of exclusivity and privacy. Individual houses, if not located in a popular locality, can cause some security concerns.

Size of the house

The size of the house you shortlist depends on the size of your family – both current and future. For a small family of up to 4 people, a 2BHK will suffice – while a larger one will need upwards of 3-4 BHK homes. Also, factor in the visits by friends and relatives: A small apartment will cause problems during these visits otherwise!

Reputation of the builder

Once you shortlist a few options that fit your budget, consider the reputation of the builder to reduce the shortlist. Find out about delivery timings, the quality of construction and other details from other buyers. Reputed builders like Shriram Properties will help you tick all the factors mentioned above.

Once you have shortlisted a few homes, visit the sites personally, during day and night separately, to get a feel of the surroundings. If you consider all the factors mentioned here, you will surely land up in your dream home in no time!

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