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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened! A statement which every pet parent will relate to. As much as our pets add tremendous joy to our lives, it is our responsibility to provide them with the love and comfort they deserve. 

With this comes the biggest responsibility of finding a pet friendly apartment/gated community whether to rent or buy followed by equipping your home to be pet friendly to make things comfortable for the pet as well as the family.

Below are a few ways that can make your home pet friendly:

  1. Store food essentials/medicines at an elevation in the kitchen so that it is beyond the reach of your pet
  2. Clothes/Shoes to remain in locked cupboards while not under supervision as most pets have the tendency to chew on anything that is available around out of anxiety or boredom
  3. Blockades should be used to restrict entrance/exit to areas like kitchen, terrace etc. which will let them have their space and help you have yours
  4. Always cover the garbage before it becomes your pets next meal
  5. Make sure that your main door is latched properly when you leave home avoiding chances of your pets moving outside as this could have unhappy repercussions
  6. Dangling wires should be covered/fixed to avoid a mishap
  7. Make chewable toys available for your pet which will keep them busy
  8. Always keep your pets water bowl full and place in areas that are easily accessible to him/her
  9. Be aware of dangerous house plants that can cause harm to your pet
  10. Keeping a vacuum cleaner handy will be of great help as with any pet comes along a lot of pet hair
  11. It is always an added advantage to have open spaces that are accessible to your pets for them to move around freely such as terrace, balcony or even a pet park in your society
  12. Having the grooming kit and basic set of medicines available at home for your pet also helps deal with emergency situations.

These are a few must have’s in your apartment as and when you decide to become a pet parent. If you are looking at buying an apartment or renting one, you can keep these things in mind while planning your interiors. This will overall help you and your pet have a smooth transition into each other’s lives.

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