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As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Your home is that place where you come back to after a long, tiring day. So it is essential to ensure that your home décor is trendy, fresh and almost zero maintenance. The best way to add a tinge of freshness to the air and bring a little nature into your home is to use real flowers. Flowers add greatly to the decor of your house and make your home come alive. The fragrance in the air smells like a dream. Here are few simple indoor home décor ideas with real flowers to either level up your interiors or spruce up your holiday home.

Re-usable Kitchenware
Make the best out of a water jar or an antique piece of cutlery and throw in some fresh flowers. You can also paint old kitchenware in the colours that best suit your house and place them on tea tables or tripod stands to make them look separate from the rest of the home decor. Play with warm colours like yellow, orange or red to make your décor pop. You can choose the flowers that you like best and use multiple ones in different locations of your house. These give an aesthetic look to the house and bring about a fresh feel.

Wooden Ledge
A raw piece of wood adds oodles of character and rustic charm to your interiors. Bring this aura into your home with a quick DIY project of making a customised wooden shelf in your backyard. You can play with sizes, shapes and vibrant colours as per your preferences. Once ready, mount the ledge in an empty spot and place eccentric flower pots on them. If flowers are too mainstream, opt for a lush creeper plant. Place the setup either near the entrance of your home or in your kitchen terrace for a dramatic effect. A wall of creepers also looks great as a backdrop for those endless family selfies!

Ceramic Fix
Bring out that old ceramic bowl and double it up as a welcoming flower bowl in your living room. Just add in some water and top it off with colourful and pretty flowers which are guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests. The water helps the flowers stay fresh for a longer period and adds pure style and elegance to your home. Take your pick from roses, chrysanthemums, and gorgeous gerbera to make a beautiful composition. If the bowl is too large, place it on the floor in such a way that the arrangement of the flowers is visible from the top. Make sure you place the bowl at the centre of the house so that it gives the house a sense of perspective and symmetry.

Empty Cologne Cases
Most of us have no heart to throw away the lovely looking perfume bottles we have. The best way to repurpose them is to use them to pot flowers.. Choose between roses and jasmines for an elegant touch. The best places to place these vases are on windowsills as fresh breeze elevates the aroma of your home.

Go White
If class and elegance is your go-to style mantra when it comes to designing your interiors, then opting for fresh white flowers is your best bet. There is nothing more sophisticated than a bunch of crisp white flowers placed on the coffee table or kitchen top. You can take your pick from fresh lilies or soothing jasmine flowers. Apart from taking your design game up a notch, these flowers also fill the air with a lingering scent for days to come.

Tall Glass Mounts
Ever wondered what to do with all the empty glass bottles? You can now use them in the most inventive way possible. Glass bottles add in an element of quirk to home interiors and can be used in a million ways to upgrade your design. Turn your glass bottles into fresh flower vases mounted to the wall. These bottles look the best when used to hold a single flower with a long stem. You can choose a flower in a colour which contrasts the rest of your home arrangement or one that works with the other aspects of design used to decorate your home.

It’s time to deck your house up and give it a brand new look with the lowest of maintenance and the best of creativity. In today’s fast-paced city life, the best way to bring in some nature into our houses is to embellish our homes with real flowers. They smell as lovely as they look and are the most feasible method to add zest and zing to your homes. If you are planning to buy a new home, and treat your family and friends to luxurious living, make sure you visit Sriram Properties and upgrade your address.

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