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If there is one thing most of us have in common, it’s that we nurture a secret desire to one day move out of our apartments and into a spacious villa. As soon as we see the cost of buying one, though, we put our dreams on hold indefinitely. At Shriram Properties, however, we believe in helping each of our customers find their dream home. This is why, we are offering you something even better than a villa, at a cost lower than an apartment! Villaments in Bangalore are the latest trend in real estate, because they have all the convenience of an apartment along with the spaciousness of a villa. Villaments for sale in Bangalore by The Retreat at Shriram Chirping Woods are a collection of the most unique and luxurious houses for sale in Bangalore. With our incredible new offer, you now have even more reason to invest in a villament with us.

Save Money on Every Aspect of Buying a Home

For most families, Rs.18,000 wouldn’t even be able to cover their monthly household expenses. But at Shriram Chirping Woods, Rs.18,000 is all you need to become the proud owner of a new villament.  If you’re waiting for a catch, you can heave a sigh of relief, because there are none! In fact, the further you dig into the details, the more benefits you will find. For two years, you can enjoy just 1.99% on your interest as well as zero maintenance charges. To make your life even easier, we guarantee you rental income on your home for two years if you choose not to move into your new villament immediately. With these unbelievable opportunities, luxury homes have never been so close within your reach.

While our new offers make this project even more irresistible, the main star of the show is undeniably the villaments themselves. Here’s why you should grab this chance to own a home at The Retreat at Shriram Chirping Woods.

The Best of Apartment and Villa Living
Our villaments in Sarjapur Road combine the best of both worlds to give you a home like no other. Shared facilities, security and easy maintenance are some of the reasons why people prefer living in an apartment. On the other hand, the spaciousness and privacy that a villa can provide is unmatchable. With a villament home, you don’t have to choose between the two when you can have them both! Each 4 BHK villament ranges from 2650-3600 sq.ft. so you have all the space you need to bring your dream home to life. Life in a villament will also let you take advantage of the comforts of common amenities and the joy of community living.

Expand Your Offline Social Network

While villaments guarantee privacy, they also help you become a part of a tight-knit community. When you find a home at The Retreat at Shriram Chirping Woods, your neighbours will soon become lifelong friends. Some of the brightest minds in Bangalore have bought villaments here, belonging to companies like Infosys, Wipro, Quikr and NASDAQ. By booking one of the last remaining houses for sale in Bangalore with us, you can build a powerful offline network that rivals even your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.

Unique Luxury Features

Each villament at in this project has been expertly designed to give you the feeling of utmost luxury. Indulgence becomes an everyday affair when you have a home as stunning as this. Instead of regular living rooms, we have included double-height living rooms which make your home feel palatial. Each home is equipped with hi-tech home automation to make your new abode future-ready.

These homes are also the perfect place to host unforgettable parties for your family and loved ones. With the 10 ft wide party decks attached to every home, you can host barbecue nights, convert it into a green garden, al fresco dinners and so much more. The possibilities to upgrade your balcony are virtually endless.

The Best Amenities All in One Place

If each day of your life follows the same mundane routine, break out of this pattern with a villament in The Retreat at Shriram Chirping Woods. At our houses for sale in Sarjapur Road, we have incredible amenities on offer to make you feel like every day is a vacation. The inviting blue swimming pool is the perfect place for you to take a dip in and melt away all your stress. Since it’s temperature-controlled, you can enjoy a swim no matter what the weather is like. These villaments in Sarjapur Road are also nestled in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty. There is are 15 acres of lush greenery where you can go on a quick jog, play with your children or simply breathe in the rejuvenating fresh air. The unsurpassed quality of life that these villaments offer is one of the best perks of living here.

Conveniently Located in Bangalore’s Commercial Hub

For your life to be truly comfortable, your home also needs to be close to your workplace, well-connected to arterial roads and next to places of recreation. This is why, our villaments for sale in Bangalore tick every box. Located just 1.6 kms from the Sarjapur-ORR junction, this project offers you close proximity to one of the busiest commercial zones in the city. Sarjapur through the ages has transformed into a major investment destination. Wipro, Embassy Tech Village and RMZ Ecospace are just some of the many huge offices situated very close to your home here.

Excellent Present and Future Connectivity

The Sarjapur-ORR junction is also one of the most important routes, offering you easy access to many key localities in Bangalore. This is why houses for sale in Sarjapur Road are considered some of the best properties to invest in. The proposed Metro Phase 3 as well as the STRR and PRR roads ensure that this area will only become more accessible in the future. With places like Total Mall, Play Arena and Decathlon also located nearby, you can be assured that there will never be a dull moment once you start living here.

To find out more about this landmark residential project, read our brochure at The Retreat at Shriram Chirping Woods Villaments in Bangalore.

It’s easy to see why The Retreat at Shriram Chirping Woods is considered one of the best houses for sale in Bangalore to invest in. With our special limited period offer, you now have even more reason to find your new home here! Only the last 24 villaments are left, so enquire with Shriram Properties now to claim one of these for yourself.

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