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Many of us plan to buy a home of our own one day but the idea of spending such a huge chunk of our hard-earned money can make it seem too intimidating. Because of this, we end up shelving our home ownership plans and continue to live in a rented home. But what if you could finally be free from landlords, security deposits and restrictive rental agreements for a fraction of the cost you pay for your rent? And the best part? There’s no catch. If this sounds like an impossible deal, you haven’t heard of Shriram Greenfield yet! Rs. 7,000 would be considered an unbelievable price to pay for rent. But can you imagine actually owning a home for this little? With affordable housing becoming the future of the real estate sector, Shriram Properties has set the bar high for this trend.

Own a Home for Less Than Your Rent

Shriram Greenfield is Bengaluru’s fastest selling residential project, but now there’s even more reason for you to become a part of it. At Rs. 7,000 you might not be able to even buy a car, but this is all you need to own a home. As property prices in the city continue to soar, most people have to pay astronomic amounts as rent every month. This rent is usually money down the drain as it doesn’t get you any returns. But with our special offer, you can pay just a fraction of this amount and use this money towards a home that is an investment of a lifetime. Our 2.5 and 3 BHK homes start at just Rs. 57 lakhs, but you need to pay only Rs. 7,000 a month. With 2 years of just 1.99% interest, zero maintenance charges and assured rentals, Shriram Greenfields offers the best combination Bengaluru has seen. However, while our prices are unbeatable, that’s not the only reason why we are the most coveted project in the city

Unbeatable Strategic Location

Imagine being able to live just a stone’s throw away from your workplace. With exhausting commutes and hours of being stuck in traffic jams soon to become a thing of the past. Shriram Greenfield is located off Budigere Cross and is just 15 minutes from Whitefield, where 40% of Bengaluru works. It is right in the middle of Bengaluru’s bustling commercial and technological hub, making it an investor’s paradise. This means that when you own a home at Shriram Greenfield, you can spend more time with your family doing things you actually love, instead of sitting at the wheel for what feels like ages.

Shriram Greenfield is also located close to the Byappanahalli metro station, which connects this locality to several key areas in Bengaluru. The upcoming Ujjval Vidyalaya metro station in Whitefield is also just a short drive away from here, offering even greater connectivity to residents. This will help you drastically reduce your travel time and reach your destination in no time at all!

Beautifully Designed Homes

At Shriram Properties, we understand that a home is more than just four walls and a ceiling. This is why we have gone the extra mile to put as much style and elegance into your home as possible. Designed by the internationally acclaimed Hafeez Contractor, Shriram Greenfields is an architectural marvel, with intricate detailing and premium elements setting it apart from other residential projects in Bengaluru. The stunning 4.5 acre clubhouse is filled with unlimited opportunities for recreation. The charm of thoughtful design is also evident in the fact that 76% of the 19.5 acre property is made up of open green spaces. At Shriram Greenfields, you and your family will be able to rediscover the joy of living close to nature, with fresh air and lush greenery available in abundance.

Unmatched Convenience and Comforts 

Shriram Greenfields has been envisioned as a self-sustained mega township spread over 40 acres. This will include every amenity you could need for a stress-free life, right within walking distance from your home. Your children will be able to attend highly-reputed schools within the township that will provide them with a world-class education. Fully-stocked retail stores at Shriram Greenfields will ensure that you every need is met. There are also state-of-the-art healthcare facilities which will provide expert medical care for you and your family. All of these features combine to make Shriram Greenfields the perfect home for your loved ones and you.

All of these incredible comforts can be yours for an unbelievable Rs. 7,000 a month. Investing just this much could help you live in the lap of luxury, in a home that will help you build a lifetime of blissful memories with your loved ones. Explore Shriram Greenfields by Shriram Properties to learn more about how our homes are the perfect match for you and your family. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a serial investor, choose Shriram Properties for your dream home.

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