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The planning and execution of electric power distribution is residential buildings is complex and subject to constant transformation. Taking into consideration the demands for high level of safety, flexibility through the entire lifecycle, reducing carbon footprint, integrating renewable energy measures, and cost optimization, increasingly greater demands are expected from modern residential buildings.

As major power consumption happens with heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration, fire protection, protection against intrusion, building control system, it is necessary to have reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Also, since green energy is undoubtedly becoming the wave of the future, you see more and more builders and homeowners adopting this and moving to a large scale.

The apartments of Shriram Panorama Hills at Vizag are innovatively built, evaluating each and every requirement for uninterrupted clean energy. It offers you a great convenience with three different power sources in case of power failure from a single source. The green concept is efficiently implemented at Shriram Panorama Hills making it easy for generating electricity cheaper than grid.

There are many power quality features that make Shriram Panorama Hills unlike no other and making it a great place to own.

Safety and Security Features of Paramount Towers:

  1. 24/7 security
  2. Boom barriers at entrance gate(for the first time in Vizag) RF id automated controlled man less gate
    An Automatic boom barrier can be operated through:
    • Push Button
    • Remote Control
    • RFID Tags / RFID Reader
    • Loop Detectors
  3. Fire Sprinkler System inside the flats(for the first time in Vizag)
  4. Lift lobby CCTV surveillance
    1.3 Mega pixel night visions and 900 C coverage
  5. 37 operational CCTV cameras
  6. CCTV control room for monitoring
  7. Speed controlled roads ( PVC material )
  8. Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers placed( Each fire hydrant is double headed, Fire hose can reach upto 30 meters Hydrant pressure 60 Meters head 7 Kg/CM2 pressure, it is controlled by Jockey pump)
  9. Sewage Treatment Plant
    220 KLD 2no’s STP’s output water is 220KL per day
  10. Hi-speed elevators from Mitsubishi(for the first time in Vizag)
    In case of power failure it will reach next level
  11. Electric solar fencing for fool proof security
    6line bridge 10V current supply with alert buzzer.
  12. 24 hours DG backup for security of premises (Auto solenoid starter )
  13. Management of Resident complaints and communication within hours using Apartment Adda online app.
  14. Dedicated Maintenance team to take care of safety aspects in the tower
    • Absotherm facility Management Pvt Ltd.(Facility Management Service)
    • OPDSS Security system
    • Clar Aqua (STP Maintenance)
    • Tropical Ecology (Garden Maintenance)
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