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The very genesis on which the entity Shriram has evolved is ‘lending a helping hand’. With such a background, Corporate Social Responsibility is just an extension of the group’s policies. In Karnataka, Shriram Properties Private Limited is actively associated with Karnataka Welfare Association for the Blind (KWAB), which caters to nearly 120 visually impaired children above the age of four. This association began with the employees of Shriram Properties, contributing a bit from their salary earnings. Today Shriram Properties as a corporate is meeting the entire month’s provisions/grocery requirements of the association, besides providing toiletries, housekeeping materials and inner garments for the children. Additionally, sensing the requirements of the association and children, items like stationery, electronic gadgets, intercom systems, furniture, water purifier and kitchenware are contributed from time to time. Similarly in 2008, Bengal Shriram had donated one AC Ambulance to the Citizen Forum of Uttarpara. Since then, Bengal Shriram continues to meet the operational expenses for the running of this Ambulance which is currently meeting the local requirement of the Uttarpara, Konnagar as well as Hind Motor. Bridging the gap between surplus medicines in one’s medicine cabinet and the necessity of others who cannot afford medication, Shriram Properties has started a novel social initiative, ‘Give to heal’. This initiative helps individuals with meagre means gain access to the unused, still-valid, residual medicines from people who do not require them any longer. Working along with Indian Red Cross Society, the ‘Give to heal’ movement is one of the most unusual campaigns undertaken by Shriram Properties. Unlike many other campaigns, you don’t have to donate money, you just need to rummage through your medicine cabinet and donate unused

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