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Most of us have a dream home, a space that promises relaxation and rejuvenation; a space where we can create memories with our loved ones. Be it a villa or a studio apartment, our home is our retreat, our spot of calm amidst all the chaos of modern-day life.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect home is not always easy. While house-hunting, you may like the house but not its location; you may love the location, but the price tag would burn a hole in your pocketbook; you may find an apartment that you can afford, but you have to compromise on location—the problems are endless!

If you find yourself nodding along to these quandaries, we have good news: Shriram Properties is here to help you find a home that is just #Right4U. It’s time to convert that dream into a reality and get exactly what you are looking for!

Choose from our six elegant properties to find one that matches your location of choice and budget.

1. Shriram Greenfield

This is the property that gives you the best value for money in Bengaluru. Put yourself in the midst of greener pastures at the investment hotspot between Whitefield and Airport corridor. The 40-acre mini city comes with a 5-acre club. The apartment prices begin from just INR 3,840 per sq. ft., making it the best option at this price.

2. Shriram Chirping Woods Villas

If luxury is what you are looking for then this place is #Right4U. The opulent villas offer spectacular lake views with stunning natural beauty all around. Wake up to birdcalls in this chirpy haven. This green property is located in the heart of Sarjapur, a place where half of Bengaluru works.

3. Shriram Chirping Woods Apartments

Do away with the woes of daily commute and come home to rejuvenating greenery at your Shriram Chirping Woods apartment. The birds call you to this lavish property in Sarjapur with lake-facing apartments starting from INR 40 lakhs. It is encapsulated in the beauty of nature and situated close to many workplaces around Bengaluru.

4. Shriram Southern Crest

You wouldn’t find a better location than one that is just 100 meters away from J.P. Nagar metro station! Starting at an unbeatable value of INR 6,890 per sq. ft., this intelligently designed property offers utmost convenience for your daily commute. Located in the heart of south Bengaluru, you and your family can feel the pulse of the city from your spacious 2.5 or 3-bedroom apartment.

5. Shriram Luxor

This property is an Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Gold project that offers a carpet area of 75 percent, so there’s more room to play in. It is located at the center of a 100 billion-dollar investment zone. Opt for this plush property that is the epitome of luxury.

6. Shriram Summitt

This property at Electronic City comes at a price that you just cannot refuse. Starting at just INR 3,990 per sq. ft., Shriram Summitt is located close to tech giants like Wipro and Infosys. Get to the zenith of your dreams with this lush green property.

Pick one and pay just 10 percent of the amount to book your new home now! With the right mix of location, product, price, and time, Shriram Properties offers you a lovely home that is just #Right4U!

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