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If Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, Sarjapur road can be termed as Silicon Valley of Bangalore. With the multitude of tech companies littering the 4-KM long Sarjapur road, this once quaint village now boasts an enviable roaster of organizations. Also, the presence of reputed schools in Sarjapur makes it a good area to settle down. The facilities in and around the area are catching up to cater to this influx of new residents, too. While people know the reason for Sarjapur’s current fame, they are mostly clueless about its chequered history. Here are some important historical facts about this locality:

The history of Sarjapur

The calm environment of Sarjapur is a throwback to the time when it was a Jahgir in the 18th century. Later, it was made the headquarters of the Sarjapur Taluk until 1873. It was a booming production and trade center for cloths. B.L. Rice, the director of the Department of Archaeology of Mysore at that time, states that “Muslins of various patterns, turbans, and small cotton carpets are made in Sarjapur.” Since the reign of Tipu Sultan, high quality raw silk was produced in this area, and then transported to other centers for processing.

Major power switching station

In order to modernize gold mining at Kolar, an electrical line was drawn from Shivanasamudra – Asia’s first major hydroelectric plant, to Kolar Gold Fields. Before it reached Kolar, though, the voltage was required to be stepped down to 220 volts, and a power substation was built at Sarjapur around 1902, along the Shivanasamudra-Kolar line. The power substation is non-functional right now, but stands testament to old times and ingenuity.

Present day

Because of this dual advantage of easy connectivity to different parts of Bengaluru and being away from the maddening traffic, many apartments and residential projects are coming up in the vicinity. Shriram Chirping Woods is one such important project, which guarantees a short travel time of just 6 minutes from Silk Board Junction, in addition to many luxury amenities at a reasonable price. Also, it has the good fortune of being located at a strategically important part – close to key IT cluster areas like Whitefield, Electronic City, Marathahalli and Koramangala, along the Outer Ring Road (ORR), while dissolving into the countryside that is enveloped in green terrain and small villages. At Shriram Chirping Woods, you get the best of Sarjapur, close to nature, but not far wat from the benefits of city living.

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