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With most of us living in apartments these days, the only patch of the outdoors we have in our home is our balcony. These balconies are usually quite small and don’t look like they could be put to much use. However, with a little creativity, your small balcony can be transformed into a cosy, green haven you’ll love to spend time in. You don’t need a huge budget and extra built-up area to have the balcony of your dreams. Here are a few simple DIY tricks that will take your balcony from boring to beautiful.

1. Use string lights to your advantage

There’s something about fairy lights that can turn even the dullest room beautiful. String lights are perfect for small balconies because they don’t take up any space and can be strung however you want. Fairy lights are magical on their own, but you could upgrade them with a simple DIY. All you need for this is a large pack of ping pong balls and a sharp knife or craft blade. Using the knife, cut a small crisscross pattern on each ping pong ball. Insert a bulb into one ball and do the same for all the remaining lights. When you turn it on, you’ll have a magical light feature which instantly makes your balcony look warm and inviting. At Shriram Signiaa, for example, every apartment comes with a beautiful balcony space where you can get really creative with your lighting ideas.

2. Mount wall shelves

When you have a small balcony, floor space is prime realty. If you cramp it with too much furniture, it’s going to look cluttered, and you aren’t going to have any space to move around. Instead, take your displays to the walls. By mounting floating shelves, you can make use of the empty walls to display plants or other knick-knacks. Just make sure you stick everything down with adhesive, or they might get knocked down by the wind!

3. Create a family sit-out area

With a little creativity, you can transform your small balcony into an area for your whole family to spend time together. Just because you have a small balcony, doesn’t mean you can’t include seating within it. Foldable chairs are perfect for small balconies because they can be tucked away when you don’t need them. You could also bring out your inner artist by giving them a pretty paintjob or stitching colourful cushion seats for them. You can even add small pouffes in your balcony for additional seating and a splash of colour. With these comfy cushions, your whole family is going to love sipping on their morning coffee together in the balcony.

4. Consider getting a mini-grill

If you really want to stretch the potential of a small balcony, you could consider getting a small grill for outdoor barbecues. There are plenty of portable mini-grills available, even ones you can hang from your balcony railing. Outdoor grills come in all sizes, so explore them to find one that’s perfect for your balcony. At Shriram Luxor, you can host barbecue parties from your own balcony, with beautiful views of lush greenery in the background. With comfy cushions and delicious food sizzling on the grill, barbecue nights are soon going to become a tradition in your family.

5. Turn crates into seating

Those ugly wooden crates are actually stylish furniture in disguise. Wooden crates are perfect for your balcony because they’re inexpensive and can be used in some different ways. You can turn them upside down and cover them with blankets and pillows for space-friendly seating. You can also turn them on their side and use them as a small table while placing small plants within their hollow insides. You could leave the wooden crates as they are for a rustic look or get a little crafty and use spray paint to colour them. If you’re painting them, use spray paint that’s weather-resistant or give them a top coat of sealant.

6. Use hanging flower pots

If there’s one thing every balcony needs, it’s plants. But if you have a tiny balcony, you might not have any space to place large pots. This doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a bare balcony. Hanging pots are a gift for apartment-dwellers because they take up no space at all. You can hang these pots from your balcony ceiling or hang them on your balcony railing. Plant a mix of seasonal flowers and evergreen plants so you can always have something green in your balcony, but can also alternate flowers between different seasons.

7. Mount a pegboard

Pegboards are one of the most versatile things you can own, and you can never have too many. But they aren’t just for hanging tools and artwork; pegboards can transform your balcony into a lush green paradise. Mount a pegboard against a wall and hang small pots from it. You could plant a variety of flowers, small green plants or even turn it into a herb garden. Pegboards are proof that you don’t need a ton of space to have a patch of greenery in your home.

8. Cover your floor

If there’s one space that gets ignored far too often while decorating, it’s the floor. But revamping your floor could actually be the most impactful part of your makeover. You could get interlocking tiles in a wood finish for your balcony that you can arrange yourself. If you’re looking for a low-effort high-payoff way to upgrade your balcony floors, simply cover it with a colourful rug. Rugs add instant cosiness to your balcony and will turn it into your favourite part of your house.

9. Keep bugs away in style

Once you give your balcony a makeover, you’ll want to spend all your time in it. But instead of taking in the view, you probably end up spending more time swatting mosquitoes. Bugs are a constant presence in balconies everywhere. You can’t get rid of them for good no matter what you do. So instead of grumbling about them, how about making stylish decor out of them? You can repurpose old wine bottles into flammable insect repellants along with some citronella essential oil. Find the tutorial here. You can also buy beautiful aroma oil diffusers to help keep mosquitoes away.

Apartment-living doesn’t mean you can’t have your share of outdoor spaces. Visit Shriram Properties for beautiful homes which you can fill with your own style and personality.

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