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It’s a universal fact that the better the planning, the less stress you face. Anyone who has ever been on a vacation knows how true this really is. You need to maximise the real estate in your suitcase to make space for outfit changes, accessories and books (that you will probably never get around to reading). You also spend hours planning your stay at the best hotels within your budget, that give you beautiful views and are close to important tourist spots. Planning the perfect vacation might take some time, but the end result makes it completely worth it.

Finding a thoughtfully planned home works in almost the same way. When your home is planned keeping your convenience and needs in mind, you never have to feel stressed again. This is why the Shriram #Right4U Challenge promises you that you will find the most efficiently planned homes with us. These six characteristics of a well-planned home will help you find your new home with Shriram!

1. It Can’t be Closed Off by Other Buildings

Imagine waking up in the morning and pulling open your curtains only to get a front-row view into your neighbour’s house. As much as you might like your neighbours, no one wants to share every minute of their day with them. Closed views also cuts off your access to the sun’s natural light, forcing you to keep your lights turned on all through the day. A complete lack of privacy and mounting electricity bills are no one’s idea of a stress-free life. This is why at Shriram Southern Crest, we ensure that at least three sides of your home are open. With a home that offers you so much privacy, you will never have to worry about who can see you bust a few embarrassing dance moves again. And when you see how much lower your electricity bills are with all the natural ventilation, you’re definitely going to want to break into a happy dance.

2. It Needs to Be Surrounded by Open Green Spaces

Have you resigned yourself to the fact that the nostalgic days of your childhood spent playing among beautiful green parks might never come back again? The concrete jungles of urban life can sometimes make you forget what a tree even looks like. You might believe that unless you pack up everything and move to the mountains, you will never get to live close to nature again. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  An efficiently planned home doesn’t just include what’s on the inside, but also the layout on the outside. No one understands this better than us. This is why at O2 Homes at Shriram Greenfields, the entire township is spread over a sprawling 40 acres, ensuring there is plenty of beautiful greenery for you to enjoy. So bring back those days of breathing in fresh air while being surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds.

3. It Lets You Personalise Your Rooms

Every family isn’t the same, so why should every home be the same? Your home should give you the freedom to do exactly what you’d like with it. A cookie-cutter home just isn’t enough to express your individuality and cater to the growing needs of your family. This is why at Shriram Southern Crest, we don’t just offer you an apartment, but a convertible home. The extra space in a convertible home offers you limitless opportunities for personalisation. You can create your own indoor gym, turn it into a nursery for any new additions to the family or use it as a home office. Even if you’ve always just wanted an extra room for your shoe collection, a convertible home will let you do just that.

4. It Should Offer You the Luxury of Space

Modern apartments today are almost synonymous with tiny, cramped spaces. With too many people and not enough space, many apartments don’t have any room left for happiness. But with the constantly shrinking space available in a city, it might often seem like you don’t have a choice but to make-do with a smaller house than you’d like. With Shriram Properties, however, you can find beautifully spacious homes right in the middle of the city! At Shriram Summitt, you will be completely spoilt for space. Large rooms and spacious balconies you can upgrade will make you rethink what apartment-living should be like. Leave sleeping in a box to your cat; you deserve a home that doesn’t skimp on space.

5. It Provides You With Stunning Views

If you were to look out of your window right now, chances are that your view will be a noisy road, concrete buildings stretching for as far as the eye can see or just an expanse of barren land. Such drab, uninviting views don’t do your windows any justice. When you live in a poorly planned home, the view is usually the last thing that is given any importance. But we believe that everyone deserves to be able to look out of their homes and be welcomed by breathtaking views. This is why Shriram Chirping Woods is so well planned, that you get an unobstructed view of the beautiful blue lake and green landscaped gardens when you look outside your window

6. It Should Include Unique Features for Luxury Living

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories to go along with it. In the same way, your home needs extra luxury amenities for you to buy a landmark instead of just a house. Thoughtful planning in a home doesn’t just give you a convenient layout, but unique facilities that make every day a joy to live. No home embodies this more than Chirping Woods Villaments by Shriram Properties. These homes are the perfect combination of the convenience of an apartment and the spaciousness of a villa. But apart from the luxury of space, these villaments also come with double height living rooms and a large party deck that will make hosting events a breeze. They are also equipped with home automation that will make you feel like you’re living in the future.

Aren’t sure you will be able to find a home that ticks all of these boxes? Take our Shriram #Right4U Challenge to discover homes that don’t just match these criteria, but actually surpass them! Explore our unbeatable offers by Shriram Properties to find your new home today.

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