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In Bangalore’s competitive real estate segment, how does a project stand out? At Shriram Properties, we believe in pushing the boundaries in every aspect of real estate, from innovative marketing to delivering exceptional luxury homes for our customers. For our latest residential project in Whitefield Extension, Codename Take It Easy, we embarked on a mission to completely revamp real estate marketing. We wanted to capture the attention of homebuyers even before the launch and generate unprecedented hype around it. With these creative strategies, we were able to do just that!

  1. Best location in the city

Before we even decided upon a marketing strategy, we had to conceptualise a project that was one-of-a-kind in the already competitive Bangalore real estate space. The USPs of the project began right from the choice of location. Whitefield is one of the fastest growing localities in Bangalore, with huge MNCs mushrooming at a rapid rate. As 40% of Bangalore works in this area, property values here are skyrocketing. We decided to launch the project in Whitefield Extension because it has the dual benefit of proximity to this technological hub, while at the same time, offers a quiet, residential lifestyle. Prices in this locality were also 25-30% lower than in Whitefield. This coveted combination made Codename Take It Easy stand out from the start.

  1. Novel concept of ‘resort-meets-residential’

Apart from the excellent location, the project itself offers residents an unmatched lifestyle. All of us love going on vacation, but no one likes coming back. It was this idea that sparked the concept of Codename Take It Easy. The picturesque 250-acre Yele Mallappa Lake that bordered this project added immense natural beauty and served as inspiration for the resort-like living we wanted the project to embody. All the amenities included here are designed for residents to live life to the fullest. A barbecue area promises a thriving community life. An amphitheatre is a perfect stage for residents of all ages to showcase their talents. If residents want a quick snooze to take a break from their busy lives, they can just recline in the numerous hammocks that dot the project. This concept of ‘weekdays meet weekends’ immediately enticed potential homebuyers.

  1. Unique ‘Codename’ approach

For the first time in Bangalore, we brought the idea of ‘codenames’ into real estate marketing. A codename immediately piqued the curiosity of homebuyers, which compelled them to seek further information about the project. But the biggest advantage of using a codename was that it communicated the entire spirit of the project with ease. Codename Take It Easy immediately helped homebuyers understand that the project was promising a stress-free lifestyle. The use of a codename also helped us create unique, quirky social media campaigns that effectively communicated the key USPs of the project. ‘Easy on your ride’ and ‘Easy on your pocket’, for example, were clever plays on the codename which also communicated the affordability and connectivity aspects of the project.

  1. Fun-filled promotional events

Who says real estate marketing can’t be fun for the whole family? For a project that was promising a unique leisurely lifestyle, our marketing activities had to centre on the same philosophy. Instead of the old tried-and-tested tactics, we did something utterly extraordinary: a Take It Easy carnival! This carnival offered a day of fun-filled events the whole family could enjoy. Delicious food, lively music and exciting games made this a one-of-a-kind event. This was a unique way to increase awareness of the project and its excellent location.

  1. Introduction of pre-booking window

A special ‘pre-booking window’ was launched, which encouraged interested homebuyers to actually book one of these coveted homes at Codename Take It Easy. This was a limited offer, with only 499 pre-booking slots up for grabs. With this offer, 499 lucky families could book the exact unit they wanted before it was officially launched. The pre-launch offer also included a booking amount that was far lower than industry standards. To remove the element of risk from pre-booking property, we introduced safeguards like a fully-refundable deposit. This initiative created massive demand for the homes even before the project was launched!

  1. Overwhelmingly positive results

The outcome of a project launch largely depends upon the awareness and interest generated around it. With the results we have seen from this campaign, we can safely say that the Codename Take It Easy strategy was a resounding success. At Shriram Properties, each of our innovative techniques was key in surpassing our goals. Over 1000 families visited the project site, and over 300 of them booked their home here! The success of this project only goes to prove that a creative marketing strategy is indispensable in the modern real estate market.

Codename Take It Easy is one of the most successful project launches in the competitive locality of Whitefield. Our keen understanding of what today’s homebuyers are looking for was vital in formulating this winning marketing strategy.

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