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As consumers, there are many things which set us apart. We come from a variety of social backgrounds, have diverse professions and even speak different languages. But if there’s one thing that ties us all together, it’s that we are on an eternal journey to find the best deal. In a perfect world, we would be able to get the best quality for the lowest price, especially when we’re buying a property. Unfortunately, a lot of times we usually have to settle for less than what we’d like. When we want something for a low price, we compromise on quality. And when we want a high quality product, we prepare to part with more money. But what if this mythical ‘deal of a lifetime’ actually existed? If you are looking to invest in a home this year, can you actually find something that ticks all these boxes? If you feel like this is impossible, think again! Shriram’s O2 Homes is an ideal deal that you just can’t say no to.

It’s In A Great Location

When it comes to buying real estate, most of us are faced with a difficult choice: spend a lot of money and buy a home in the heart of the city or save money and invest in a home that is in the middle of nowhere. But what if we didn’t have to make this choice at all? What if we could find a home that fit right into our budget but was also in a bustling neighbourhood? With the incredible location of O2 Homes in Shriram Greenfield, you can actually get the best of both worlds. Situated at Budigere Cross, a mere 15 minutes from Whitefield, Shriram Greenfield O2 Homes lets you access all the conveniences of city life. Budigere Cross is also located close to arterial roads and metro stations, which connect you with key locations in Bangalore.

Right Next To Work

While we might be passionate about our work, none of us share the same enthusiasm for the long commute it takes to get to our office. No one wants to spend hours in transit when they would rather be at home, spending quality time with their family. Everyone dreams of living right next to their office, but few will ever see this dream turn into reality. However, at Shriram Greenfields, you can finally say goodbye to long hours stuck in traffic. Your home here will be located just 15 minutes from Whitefield, one of the biggest commercial areas in Bangalore. With huge MNCs like SAP Labs, IBM, Intel and Bosch, it’s no wonder that 40% of Bangalore works here.

With Nothing But The Best Of Everything

You can always find a home with four walls and a ceiling, but as a buyer, you want more than that. You aren’t just looking for a shelter when you’re buying a home, but also a mini-paradise. Most of us want a full-sized swimming pool, club house and lush, landscaped gardens to stroll through. At O2 Homes by Shriram, we strive to exceed your highest expectations. When you invest in a property here, you will also have full access to a state-of-the-art gym, jogging tracks, power backup and more. The project is also incomparable to any other because it has been designed by Hafeez Contractor, one of the top architects in India.

An Abundance Of Green Spaces

A home that is in the city and also has plenty of open green spaces around it sounds like an oxymoron, right? As cities keep expanding, the amount of open green space available to us keeps shrinking. To enjoy living close to nature, the only option most of us have is to move far away from the comforts of city life, closer to the outskirts. But you don’t actually have to sacrifice convenience for lush, green surroundings. Despite being located in the heart of Bangalore, at O2 Homes in Shriram Greenfields, 75% of the total area is covered by open green spaces. So why choose between nature and convenience when you can enjoy both?

Comes At An Affordable Price

If you happen to find a home that meets all the above requirements, then the one factor that puts it out of your reach is the price. A spacious apartment in a great locality with several luxury amenities and available at an affordable price might sound too good to be true, but at O2 Homes by Shriram, this will be your reality. Shriram Greenfields offers the most competitive prices among all other properties in the category. Our apartments range from 935 sq.ft to 1350 sq.ft and start at just 36 lakhs. Through our early bird offer, there are also special discounts you can avail on the price of your new home by registering quickly.

High Returns in the Future

For most of us, the biggest reason why we want to buy a home is because real estate is one of the best avenues of investment, with almost guaranteed returns. However, location is one of the most important factors to consider when you want to invest in real estate. To have a high growth potential, a location needs to have high investments pouring in from large companies, rapid development and a number of residential projects in the vicinity. O2 Homes at Shriram Greenfield is located right next to Whitefield, one of the biggest commercial areas in Bangalore. The future value of these homes will be very high, ensuring you get an excellent return on your investment.

If you are looking to invest in a home this year, then you couldn’t find a better time to do so. Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 10 years while the GST reforms and RERA bill have transformed the real estate sector. These factors, along with a home that checks all the boxes, means that there’s really no reason to delay a real estate purchase. To enjoy even greater savings, enquire between 20th and 21st January during our special Tatkal Window. Visit O2 Homes at Shriram Greenfields to find out more about your dream home.

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