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Are you looking for an accommodation with the concept of apartment and villa? Then come to Bangalore and buy a villament today. In fact, villaments in Bangalore are the new buzzword in the town.

A villament is a unique concept introduced in the real estate industry. For many, owning such a home is a sheer dream come true.

Concept of Villament

There are people who sometimes get confused with the terms used in the context of real estate. ‘Villament’ is one such term in this particular context. Let us now get familiar with this term. This type of housing is an independent accommodation option accompanied with utmost luxury and comfort. Villament is exactly a fusion of a villa and an apartment providing utmost comfort & luxury of a villa, thereby, suiting your budget. The interiors of such accommodations are exquisitely designed on the lines of a villa with a garden area and privacy for each house. You will find here amenities of flats/apartments like swimming pool, tennis court, clubhouse, gymnasium, etc.

Structural Design of Villaments

When you buy a villament in Sarjapur Haralur Bangalore, you will find that there is a micro-community within a larger community. A community that has villaments generally spreads over a wide area of 5 -7 acres. This ensures that you are not left secluded and at the same time enjoy enough space for your privacy. The spaces are divided into several activity areas, like a zone with sporting activities and a zone filled with greenery where you can walk, jog or sit to meditate. You can even relax under the sun and even enjoy the cool breeze over here.

Real Estate Price

Villaments are comparatively expensive than the apartments but on the other hand cheaper than the villas. However, still, as the pricing is volatile in the real estate industry, anything can happen. Keeping this in mind, if you find a good deal in the villament accommodation option, then it is worth investing in. Needless to say, owning such a residential property will make a perfect style statement as it falls under the new genre of housing.

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