Upper Crest Advantages

Invitation for special preview of our new projects across India

Enjoy top priority in case of any special offers, events and promotions

An opportunity to be a part of a unique reward program

How does it work?

For every successful referral, existing customers are rewarded with up to 1% of the Agreement Value of the property booked by their friend or family. Should the customer book another property with Shriram Properties, he or she will earn a Loyalty Bonus, up to 1% of the Agreement Value of the property booked.

How do I refer?

Step 1:

Fill up the form and then provide the name, email address and mobile number of your friend or family member who wishes to buy a home.

Step 2:

We will speak to your friends and family and introduce them to the Shriram Properties.

Step 3:

Once the person you have referred buys a residence with us, you get rewarded!

Referral benefit

Apartment Value* Referral Benefit*
Under INR 1 Cr. Rewards worth INR 50,000
Between INR 1 Cr to 2 Cr Rewards worth INR 1,00,000
Above INR 2 Cr Rewards worth INR 2,00,000

1. Booking through channel partners and corporate program, employees and associates of Shriram Properties are not eligible to participate in this referral program. (A separate referral program exists for employees and associates of Shriram Properties).
2. The Referred customer should not be an existing Shriram customer OR (as a walk-in/opportunity) engaged in a purchase discussion with a Shriram executive in the last 60 days.
3. The ‘Lead Source’ in all the concerned documents – Enquiry form and Application form, as well as in the CRM software must be ‘Referral’, clearly stating the Customer (Referrer) as the source of the booking.
4. The referral bonus will be paid within 60 working days after the Referred customer signs the agreement and pays at least 10% of the Agreement value of the purchased unit.
5. In case of multiple bookings by the Referred customer, if the 1st booking involves multiple units, the Referrer/Source will be eligible for Rewards on all the units booked only if the residences are booked in dierent primary/secondary applicant names. For subsequent bookings by the same customer, no referral bonus will be applicable.
6. The Referral bonus will be paid after deduction of applicable taxes.
7. Referral offer & rewards cannot be replaced partially/fully with any other offer and/or discount.
8. In case of cancellation of the residence/s either by Referred customer, Shriram Properties reserves the right to distribute or withhold the reward at company’s discretion.
9. In case of any conflict by either party, the decision of Shriram Properties will be final.
10. Shriram Properties reserves the rights to include, modify and/or remove projects in the referral program and the referral program itself without any prior notice.