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Vaastu Shastra deals with all the five elements of nature, and tells us how to balance them to create a harmonious place to live or work. Right from the directions faced by each of the sections of a living space to placing specific element at certain locations, Vaastu Shastra tells us how we can encourage positive energy in our dwelling. However, modern living makes it harder to be fully Vaastu compliant. But there’s always a way to keep the old traditions going! Here are a few tips to help you practice good Vaastu in your homes and offices, without calling for a radical change in the layout of the space:

Start with the name

Vaastu says that identifying yourself to the world should start at home – and the best way to do so is to have a nameplate outside your door, for opportunities to trace you easily.

Burn Negativity

According to Vaastu, fire is a powerful cosmic cleanser – and burning earthen lamps and incense sticks at dusk and dawn prevents negative energies from entering your home.

Keep Medicines Away

Most of us tend to keep tablets, cough syrups and other medicines in one of the kitchen cabinets – it is easily accessible that way. But Vaastu says keeping medicines inside the kitchen attracts negative energy; move them to a different place, like a cabinet in the living room.

Prepare the bedroom

Intimate spaces like bedroom should be painted in soothing colours, and a couple of happy pictures will add to make the environment more positive. Also, ensure there are no mirrors facing the bed – where you can see your reflection. It is said to cause bad dreams.

Ring Bells

The tinkling of bells is believed to break energy patterns and help the inflow of positivity. So, hang a couple of metal bells or chimes at the door and balcony.


Cleanliness is a way to positivity; disposing off things that haven’t been used in a long time will not only make more space, but will also get rid of bad energy. Dusting the home regularly and placing everything neatly reflects positivity, which rubs off on the inhabitants.

Nothing fishy about it

If you like pet fish, you’re in luck: Vaastu recommends having a water body in the South East corner of the living room. You can place an aquarium there, or just a bowl of water – it is supposed to bring prosperity.

These steps are simple enough, and don’t require a large investment either. Follow them if you can, and let us know if they make any difference in your quality of living!

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