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Finding the perfect home for you and your family involves more than just the price and specifications. Arguably, the builder you choose to partner with is the most important decision you make in the home buying process. Since a considerable portion of your investments are paid towards acquiring a home, it is very important that the builder we place our trust upon has the best interests in mind for you and for your requirements A credible and trustworthy developer can ensure that you don’t face project delays and can make your journey towards becoming a homeowner smoother. At Shriram Properties, our investors have been at the centre of everything we do. Our commitment to deliver quality apartments has won us numerous prestigious awards across a number of categories. These five core values that Shriram Properties embodies have been instrumental in making us one of the most awarded builders in India.

1. Innovation-driven approach to real estate

At Shriram Properties, we are constantly looking to push the boundaries and offer our investors something that has never been done before. We pioneered the concept of ‘convertible homes’, a customizable layout that allows you to modify your home based on your unique requirements. We were also the first to launch ‘villaments’ in Bangalore, which were a resounding success. For the first time, homebuyers could enjoy the luxury and space of a villa along with the convenience of an apartment. Shriram Properties has also ventured into new locations and spearheaded development to grow and provide the best for new home owners. Our integrated township, Shriram Grand City, in Uttarpara. Kolkata, is one of the best ambitious projects in the country. This spirit of innovation that powers our spirithas won us coveted awards such as the ET Now Real Estate Awards 2018 for Developer of the Year.

2. Sustainable green initiatives

Construction that take place at the cost of environment conservation can never be development in the true sense. Shriram Properties has taken several measures to ensure that sustainability and environmental responsibility are the foundation upon which our homes are built. Shriram Greenfield is one such project that embodies this spirit. With 75% open green spaces, this project has won awards by Realty Plus and DNA for Green Project of the Year 2017. IGBC, an independent regulatory body, has awarded ‘Shriram – The Gateway’ a certificate for meeting the standards for Leadership in energy and environment design. Shriram Panorama Hills is yet another project that runs on clean energy and renewable resources. Hence, we would like to inform our customers that buying a home with Shriram property not only helps in reducing carbon footprint but also brings you closer to nature.

3. Superior construction quality

At Shriram Properties, what you see is what you get! We are fully committed to choosing only the best materials for constructing each of our projects. Substandard materials degrade over time, requiring you to invest considerable amounts in maintenance and home renovation. The true stamp of quality is when a home can withstand the test of time and provide your family with utmost comfort. Since a home is an investment of a lifetime, we want to guarantee you that it will always be as good as it was when you first moved in. From the fittings used to the amenities provided, superior quality work is evident throughout our projects. This painstaking attention to detail has won us the ASSOCHAM Award for Best Developer in Southern Region three years in a row.

4. Complete process transparency

The RERA Act introduced by the government in 2017 was a push towards greater transparency in the real estate sector. At Shriram Properties, however, we have been dedicated to transparency for much longer than that. Ever since our inception, we have been committed to building trust with our investors and delivering on each of our promises. Hidden costs, expensive project delays and marked up prices are simply not part of our DNA. We are also upfront with our investors about project timelines, specifications, and amenities. ASSOCHAM has recognized our commitment to this, awarding us with Most Transparent Developer in Southern Region in 2014 and 2015.

5. Guaranteed returns on investment

While real estate is one of the best avenues for investment, it cannot always guarantee high returns. Without a credible developer, superior quality and excellent location, your real estate investment might even depreciate over time. While we all know that there are risks involved in every investment that we make, Shriram Properties guarantees that the risk would be minimal if you choose to invest in our real estate. We have a knack for choosing locations that have high future growth potential. This combined with durable, modern designs ensures that your home only becomes more valuable with time. Our award for Best Realty Investment Partner in India 2014 by ASSOCHAM is a testament to our promise.

These prestigious awards in our kitty undoubtedly add more credibility to our name. However, the recognition we most value comes from the hundreds of happy investors who have found their dream homes with us. Hence, if you are looking towards investing in a property equipped with the latest amenities, come join the Shriram Properties family!

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