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Shakespeare might believe that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but we think differently. A name sets our expectations for something and encapsulates its spirit completely. When it came to creating a marketing strategy for our latest residential project in Whitefield Extension, we knew we needed to break away from the expected. After all, for a project as unique as this one, it also deserves a name that stands out from the rest. The micromarket of Whitefield hasn’t seen a big launch in the last three years, which is why ours had to create a splash. To capture the true essence of our homes, we needed not just one project name, but also a unique ‘code name’. The concept of a ‘code name’ is something that has never been done before in Bangalore’s real estate market. Our innovative idea has completely transformed our marketing strategy and driven greater results through these critical factors.

  1. Encapsulates the spirit of the project

When we try to sell a home to our customers, we aren’t just trying to market the project specifications; we are promoting a whole new way of life. From our experience, one of the best ways to help our customers understand what awaits them at their new home is a Code Name. For this project, we used the Code Name Take It Easy so our audience could understand the philosophy of the project at a single glance. With 9 acres and 50% more open space than other projects, our homes promise a life of relaxation. Just by looking at our Code Name, they knew that this project offers them a resort-like experience with several luxury amenities and opportunities for recreation.

  1. A unique marketing approach

The Code Name strategy was a first for the Bangalore real estate market, but we didn’t let that hold us back. After all, our projects are known for creating firsts, so our marketing tactics needed to follow suit! But far from being a negative, this approach actually worked wonders for us. Home buyers in Bangalore were intrigued by our ‘Code Name’, and this compelled them to seek out more information about it. The uniqueness of this strategy broke the clutter of real estate marketing and captured the attention of our audience remarkably. Our constant push for innovation is one of the reasons why Shriram Properties is the most awarded builder.

  1. Creates unlimited potential for creativity

Our Code Name gives us the perfect inspiration to create unique and engaging social media posts. With just the concept of Take It Easy, we were able to come up with a whole series of posts depicting how a home at our project could help a resident live this philosophy. We also used Take It Easy to promote other essential USPs of the project such as ‘Easy on your pocket’ to emphasise its affordability and ‘Easy on your drive’ because of its excellent connectivity. We also hosted a ‘Take It Easy Carnival’, to bring out the fun-filled nature of the project. This gave us an innovative way to highlight important aspects of the project and break away from the usual formula.

  1. Generates hype around the project launch

Creating a buzz at the time of a project launch is crucial to the success of the project. However, with the help of our Code Name strategy, we were able to go one step further. By using Code Name Take It Easy for all of our promotions, we were able to create hype around the project even before the official launch! As ‘code names’ are often associated with something mysterious and exclusive; our audience was intrigued by the concept. This helped develop a massive interest in our project; something every real estate developer wishes for!

  1. Builds a story around the homes

When a person sees their potential new home for the first time, they see more than just its structure. They envision their family living in the space and creating indelible memories in it. When we market our projects, we want to follow the same journey that our consumers take. Our Code Name Take It Easy weaves a story around our project, focusing on an idea that our audience was very familiar with. Whitefield, a self-sustained ecosystem, enjoys the advantage of being amidst IT parks where 40% of Bangalore works. Because of this, a typical resident of Bangalore who lives or works in Whitefield understands how stressful long commutes can be. By introducing the concept of ‘Take It Easy’ through our code name, we addressed this concern which immediately caught their attention. We were able to build a story around Take It Easy, which helped our audience understand the new lifestyle that awaited them at our project.

Take It Easy marked a turning point in our marketing strategy and contributed in large part to the success of the project among the buyer and channel partner community. With the positive results we achieved, we have also been able to use the technique of a Code Name for other landmark projects by Shriram Properties.

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