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“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore!” are words by the great Mark Twain, the father of American literature. Owning a piece of land is not only investing in an asset for the future but also an emotion that most of us dream of fulfilling. When taking a decision of becoming a landowner, well-done research of the location and pricing of a plot of land can take us a few steps closer to our dream but what is of greater importance is investing in a trusted seller to avoid any land disputes.

A plot can be sold by various stakeholders, a few of them could be:

1.       Individuals selling their ancestral land/land bought by themselves in the past,

2.       Government institutions selling plots of land or

3.       A branded real estate developer selling land

The chances of being misled by information and the possibility of land disputes are higher in the first two options as they might include mediators leading to illegal transactions. This is where buying a branded plot comes into the picture. The benefits of investing in a branded plot are as below:

a.       The trust and ownership that a brand brings on the table not only adds a lot of value to the purchase but also has an influence on the resale value.

b.       A branded plot is mostly a part of a gated community if not always and comes with added benefits of additional amenities, utilities along with the safety and security of society/community.

c.       The land parcels are chosen strategically keeping the future appreciation of the location in mind hence guaranteeing better returns!

d.       The hassle of documentation is reduced as it is taken care of by the developer, assuring no misses.

Considering all the above, an investment in a branded plot is the ideal investment to make keeping long term benefits in mind. Branded plots for sale in Bangalore or Chennai have gained a lot of traction in the past few years resulting in leading real estate developers investing in the same!

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