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“The best investment on Earth is Earth!”- Louis Glickman.

Having a piece of land to call your own and building your own home is a dream most of us want to convert into a reality. For most of us, it is not just a land but an emotion that we carry with ourselves for the rest of our lives.

On one hand apartments by leading real estate developers are filling the city, while on the other the demand for plots has also increased manifold in the past few years. However, to decide whether to invest in an apartment or buy a plot is something that a lot of individuals get stuck at.

Below are a few points explaining why a plot is a better buy than an apartment:

1.       The ticket size is generally lower when compared to an apartment and the only factor to consider is the location whereas, in case of an apartment, the construction quality, reputation of the builder, floor area, amenities along with location also need to be factored in while considering an apartment

2.       The Return on Investment (ROI) in case of plots is much higher compared to that of an apartment because UDS (Undivided Share of Land) plays a part and the value of the building depreciates with time

3.       A plot is generally bought when the location is at its early growth stage, whereas an apartment is generally constructed where markets are in their middle or late growth stage hence affecting the appreciation 

4.       An individual can have complete control over the design of their house on a plot of land however, in the case of apartments, designs are fixed.

5.       Delivery of an apartment can take a lot longer than expected because there is a dependency on the builder for the same which is not the same in the case of a plot.

6.       With the volatility that comes along with other assets such as mutual funds, gold, stocks, etc., plots are a much more tangible asset class and are also considered to be more stable as an investment over the years.

Considering all the above, an investment in plots is the ideal investment to make keeping long term benefits in mind. Plots for sale in Bangalore and Plots for sale in Chennai have gained a lot of traction in the past few years resulting in leading real estate developers investing in the same!

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