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If the word ‘mediocre’ horrifies you, then you’re probably driven by the desire to get the absolute best from everything in life. Having such discerning tastes isn’t always easy. No one wants to shop with you because you won’t buy an outfit until you’ve visited every store and made sure it’s the best. You also take ages to decide where to go for dinner because you need to evaluate every restaurant in the vicinity and read their reviews first. When you’re so picky about even the small things, a lifetime investment like buying a home is definitely not easy for you. All you want is the best home for your family, in the perfect location and at exactly the right price. Is that too much to ask for? When you were getting ready for a house hunt in the past, it might seem like it was. But at Shriram Properties, we believe that when you’re choosing something as important as a home, you shouldn’t have to compromise on a single thing.

In the second edition of the Shriram #Right4U Challenge, we’re bringing Bangalore the most beautifully designed projects, at the most convenient locations and available at the best prices in the market. When you find out more about the unparalleled advantages of buying a Shriram Properties home, you’re definitely going to want to take our #Right4U Challenge!

  1. Perfectly Planned Homes

A home is so much more than just a room with four walls and a ceiling. When you’re looking for a home, you don’t just want a regular house; anyone can find one of those. You’re on a (seemingly impossible) quest to find a beautiful home that meets every requirement you and your family have. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, relaxation or a space to exercise, your home should give you the freedom to indulge in it. At Shriram Properties, we aim to continuously surpass your expectations, providing you with a sanctuary that reflects you. O2 Homes at Greenfields is an expansive township, complete with educational, healthcare and retail facilities. Double height living rooms and a spacious party deck at Chirping Woods Villaments, the latest trend, fill every moment with luxury. So if you’re looking for the most thoughtfully planned living spaces and convertible homes, we guarantee that you will find the perfect match with Shriram.

  1. Excellent Locations

All the luxury in the world can’t make up for no conveniences nearby. Your home might be beautiful, but you’re definitely not going to be spending all your time in it. This is why it needs to be well-connected to the city and all the conveniences that come with it.  If you have young children, good schools nearby are non-negotiable. You also need hospitals and departmental stores in the vicinity to make your home liveable. At Shriram Properties, we don’t just look at our projects in a microcosm but focus on the bigger picture. Shriram Luxor is a mere 10 minutes away from Manyata Tech Park, one of the biggest IT hubs in Bangalore. Shriram Summit in Electronic City is a stone’s throw away from Wipro and Infosys Campus, making it an investor’s paradise. Living within walking distance of your office won’t be an impossible dream when you buy a home with Shriram!

  1. Upfront Prices

Are hidden costs the reason why you have trust issues? Far too many times, a project can look perfect on paper until you actually start talking to an agent and they reveal extra costs. If you’re trying to cut costs, there are usually two things you are forced to compromise on: location and quality. But no one wants to live in a poorly built home surrounded by barren land in the middle of nowhere. If you feel you’re losing in the eternal tug of war between price and quality, don’t throw in your towel just yet. At Shriram Properties, we believe in offering our customers genuine prices, with no steep increases or hidden costs. Affordable housing is the future of the real estate market and no one understands that better than us. Shriram Sameeksha is in one of the fastest growing parts of the city, but our houses start from as low as Rs. 30 lakhs. O2 Homes at Greenfields is one of the most luxurious residential projects in Bangalore, but starting at Rs. 38 lakh, it’s also very affordable.

In the first ever instalment of the #Right4U Challenge by Shriram Properties, 7500 families participated in the challenge and 300 of them found homes that were an investment of a lifetime. This year, you could be one of those lucky families! Visit Right4U by Shriram Properties to find exclusive homes for you and your loved ones before the rest of the city grabs them for themselves!

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