A place to grow strongly and vigorously: At Shriram Properties Ltd. (SPL), we’re an innovative, agile, and growing organization. These factors allow you the opportunity for professional and career growth, a high level of ownership over your work, and the satisfaction of being able to make a difference.

Our culture is based on integrity, accountability, smart work and collaboration. We play a big role in a dynamic global industry, and we’re looking for people who want to grow and evolve with us.

We take career development seriously, strive to provide you with a wide range of opportunities, and encourage the expansion of capabilities and exploration of a variety of career paths.

The environment is collaborative, and you will immediately feel like part of a team. You can rely on your coworkers, as they will rely on you.

We invest in our people

Our employees are our core strength! We have always respected hard work, knowledge and commitment. The company’s evolving culture and value system provides an ideal platform for employees to grow and outperform.

We put as much time and care into our hiring decisions as into our investment decisions, and we take a long-term approach to both. We favor individuals who are collaborative, entrepreneurial and disciplined, as these attributes reflect our approach to investing as well as the characteristics of our leaders.


We have introduced Learning and Development (L&D) to align employee goals and performance with that of the organization. The L&D team at Shriram Properties ensures that learning happens in a robust manner where we identify skill gaps amongst employees and teams, then develop, and deliver dynamic training to bridge those gaps.

We offer opportunities for growth through on-the-job training programs that provide exposure to different business verticals, geographies and teams.

We have a "grow from within" approach to the development of our people, with a focus on internal mobility across business verticals, functions and regions within our portfolio.

Continuous Learning

We have taken a step in this direction by empowering our associates to embark on their learning journey by availing our SPL - L&D Certification Program.

SPL Commandos

For classroom training, we rely on our in-house SMEs, fondly known as the SPL Commandos for the continuous learning for SPL employees.

Shriram functional training
Functional Trainings

Our major training requirements are focused on culture/functional training, professional development courses, or domain-related knowledge session.

Working at Shriram Properties

We are a team of motivated people with a wide range of experience. Employees take pride working in Shriram Properties since it’s very competitive and a trusted brand to reckon with. Working here gives immense insight and gets one to the next stage of life, be it entrepreneurship, new businesses, ideas and more.

A new era of growth

#LifeAtShriram is all about Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation.

Women empowered

It is aimed to create a culture that attracts, develops and retains the best women talent at all levels of the organization and is committed to empower women to achieve their full potential inside and outside of SPL.

uplift rural talent

The core of this initiative is to upgrade the quality of life for talented and passionate people, especially those from remote areas. From elementary education to quick employment, Shriram Properties has been proactively offering opportunities to potential talents from rural areas.

SPLNXT brings together employees in the early stages of their careers who want to engage with and learn from Industry. Comprised of final year students from various universities across all the department and functions at Shriram Properties, the program offers career development.

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Some opportunities for you to explore

Today, we are a team of over 700 people and are on the lookout for talent. We have openings across various functions, depending upon the organizational needs and professional competencies of the aspirants.

Position Function Department Location
AM/ DM/ Manager - Closing Sales Sales Bengaluru
AM/ DM/ Manager - Closing Sales Sales Pune
AM/ DM/ Manager - Closing Sales Sales Chennai
AM/ DM/ Manager Product Marketing Bengaluru
AGM - Closing Sales Sales Pune
MEP Electrical Technical Technical Bengaluru
Quality Manager Technical Technical Bengaluru
Finishing Engineer Technical Technical Bengaluru
Structure Manager Technical Technical Bengaluru
Structure Manager Technical Technical Chennai
Planning Engineer Technical Technical Bengaluru
Planning Engineer Technical Technical Pune
Customer Engagement Manager – Referral Loyalty & Referral Sales Bengaluru
Customer Engagement Manager – Referral Loyalty & Referral Sales Pune
Customer Engagement Manager – Referral Loyalty & Referral Sales Chennai
Regional Referrals & Engagement Lead Loyalty & Referral Sales Bengaluru
Regional Referrals & Engagement Lead Loyalty & Referral Sales Pune
Regional Referrals & Engagement Lead Loyalty & Referral Sales Chennai
Senior Manager/AGM Sales – Corporate Loyalty & Referral Sales Bengaluru
Referral & Loyalty Program Manager Loyalty & Referral Sales Bengaluru
Brand Manager Brand Marketing Pune
Brand Manager Brand Marketing Chennai
AM/ DM/ Manager Channel Sales Sales Pune
Sr. Executive / Executive MIS Finance & Accounts Bengaluru
Asst. / Deputy Manager Treasury Finance & Accounts Bengaluru
Executive / Sr. Executive Pre-Sales Sales Chennai
AGM/ Sr. Manager – Accounts (CA) Finance & Accounts Finance & Accounts Bengaluru
AM/ DM/ Manager (CA) Finance & Accounts Finance & Accounts Bengaluru

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Life at Shriram

Employee connect

Shriram Properties has been proactive in defining employee friendly policies, cultivating an inclusive organizational culture. We have always been a step closer to foster an engaging and inspiring workplace.

We have evolved and designed HR policies to ensure employee safety at the forefront, quell fears and bar disruptions to company operations, which may be caused due to environmental limitations. This enables us to boost productivity and make employees more agile, inducing a sense of meaningful contribution towards the growth trajectory in alignment with organization’s vision.

Write to us at care@shriramproperties.com to address any of your hiring or on-the-job concerns