Terms & Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policy on payment towards Pre-Booking/ Booking Process:

  1. As part of the pre-booking/ booking process, an Applicant is required to fill in this form, pay the agreed pre-booking/ booking token.
  2. The entire Pre-Booking/ Booking Token will become non-refundable after:
    • Conversion of pre-booking into booking, (OR)
    • Unit or Apartment/Plot/Villa/Row Villa/Row House Selection, (OR)
    • If application of withdrawal is not submitted
  3. In the event the customer wishes to withdraw from pre-booking/booking, a formal withdrawal request via email must be sent to
  4. Withdrawals period will differ from project to project basis and will not be permissible beyond the stipulated time thereby resulting in the pre-booking/ booking amount being forfeited and pre-booking/ booking shall stand cancelled.
  5. For valid withdrawals: The refund amount (if applicable) will be credited to the original payee to the source account within 60 working days from the receipt of pre-booking/ booking withdrawal request email. In this regard no other channel of communication will be considered valid.
  6. Post unit or Apartment/Plot/Villa/Row Villa/Row House selection (i.e. filling booking application form), if the Applicant wishes to cancel his/her booking then the entire amount paid as on cancellation date (upto 9.9% of consideration value) will be forfeited.
  7. Any rights in the Residential Apartment/Plot/Villa/Row Villa/Row House shaII commence/accrue onIy upon completion of payments as per the payment schedule & registration of Agreement of sale/Sale Deed.
  8. The company reserves the right to encash the refundable pre-booking/ booking amount paid without any prior notice.
  9. The entitlement to avail any offer applicable during the pre-booking/ booking window or allotment window is subject to realization of the pre-booking/ booking amount
  10. Cancellation Charges: In the event of any cancellation and/or termination and/or withdrawal of Application by the Applicant/s for any reason whatsoever, the following cancellation charges will be applicable:
    • Post Unit Selection but before execution of Agreement of Sale: Entire amount paid as on cancellation date will be forfeited
    • Post execution of Agreement of Sale: The terms and conditions of the Agreement would be final and binding.
    • The Cancellation Charges shall be considered as a genuine pre-estimate of damages likely to be suffered by the Company including costs for loss of opportunity and shall be treated as liquidated damages.
  11. The Cancellation Charges shall be deducted from the amounts paid by Applicant/s to the Company. Upon accepting a request for cancellation, the Company is entitled to forthwith re-allot and re-sell the Apartment/Plot/Villa/Row Villa/Row House to any other third-party and on such terms and conditions as the Company deems fit.
  12. Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE).