One of the most beautifully maintained layouts with loads of trees, lifestyle facilities and even a temple. Simply Amazed!”

Shriram Raynal Gardens

- Pavan Kumar

Shriram Grand City has been quite the talk in the town before the lockdown. We had finalized to book our home as a family but could not because lockdown was declared. However, with the Zero Contact Zero Risk Option, we were able to book our home online without taking the risk of stepping out. We are all very excited to be part of the Mega-City.

Codename Saat Rang Ke Sapne

- Indranil Kundu & Family

I visited project site 2 days before the lockdown and was really impressed with the customer service. I booked my home even during the lockdown as I didn’t want to waste time to make the best decision of my life. This is the best project in Kolkata to own a home.

Codename Saat Rang Ke Sapne

- Kanchan Kumar & family

I couldn’t book during Grand 1 launch due to some problems. But I didn’t want to miss this opportunity now. I booked during lockdown as there is no right or wrong time to book our home in this beautiful project with so many amenities at a great price.

Codename Saat Rang Ke Sapne

- Jitendra Singh & Family

Lockdown gave me enough time to explore the best investment opportunities in the current market scenario. And Shriram Properties was the answer for me. I m feeling very confident with my choice, Shriram is a trusted developer and it comes with great building quality and assurance of able staff.

Codename Dil Chahta Hai

- Raj Barath & Family

I booked my 1st home with Shriram during the lockdown as I didn’t want to miss out on the amazing deal on the choice of my apartment. I am now a proud owner of a smart home in a great community & world class amenities. If you’re looking to secure your future, I would say, just go ahead with Shriram Properties.

Codename Dil Chahta Hai

- Jha

Shriram Properties is a highly professional real estate company and has gone out of the way in helping me select the right property. As a first time buyer, I came across many challenges which were addressed in a nice way and they were ready to help me with the minutest aspect which made my journey with them fantastic. As an individual, I feel comfortable working with them and recommend others to do so also.

Shriram Park 63

- Kunal Thacker

I booked a flat at Shriram Greenfield after surveying various options. The reason I chose Shriram Greenfield, is due to the fact that Shriram Properties have always kept up to the expectation of the customers without compromising on quality and commitments. They are very cooperative, transparent and have always responded with professionalism & promptness as and when any query was raised. I wish them all the best. Kudos to the team.

Shriram Greenfield

- Aloysius Thomas

Shriram Properties has been transparent in their communications. I am based out of Mumbai and I could conclude pretty much everything from here. I get regular updates on construction progress. Can’t wait to shift to my new abode in Chirping Woods, even though I experienced delays in my particular tower.

Shriram Chirping Woods

- Rajneesh

Being in Bangalore for more than 20 years, I associate Shriram Properties as a brand known for their quality construction and timely completion of projects. Shriram Luxor has a lot of open spaces and is ideally located in the center of Hennur Road which is close to the airport as well as the city. I sincerely wish them best of luck for the Luxor project.

Shriram Luxor

- Col Raghuvinder Lal

We have been associated with Shriram Properties for 10-15 years now. Shriram has come up very well in residential sector. It is a brand you can trust. It is very conveniently located, just next to JP Nagar metro station. Location is the big positive for Southern Crest.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Sameer Vijay Gokhale

I live at Shriram Srishti in a two bedroom flat. We were looking to buy property in Anand Nagar when we came across this. After finding out about Shriram Properties and seeing the flat, we had no second thoughts about buying it. It is spacious and well built.

Shriram Srishti

- Sharada Rao

I bought a three bedroom flat at Shriram Shankari in Banshankari. Originally not from Bangalore, it took time for me to find the perfect home. It is the perfect place for me and my family to stay. Being a residential area, my kids have friends to socialize with and so do we. The flat itself has been a perfect home for two years.

Shriram Shankari

- Dheeraj Paul

I live in Brookfield Bangalore in ShriramSpurthi. I booked a three bedroom apartment as soon as I went on site to check out the property. I fell in love with the place with spacious and well ventilated apartments and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Shriram Spurthi

- Radha Reddy

We always had a dream to live in a Villa that is sited on hillock with vibrant view and adorable resonance of tides in the vicinity of Bay of Bengal. Fortunately we found Shriram Properties to build our dream home from concept to reality, on-time & on budget. There has been a remarkable renaissance & phenomenal quality in this unique gated community at Vizag.

- Mr. Muralidhar Amarapu

We are happy to be a part of Shriram Panorama Hills especially the quality of construction is excellent.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Dr. AAS Satish Kumar

I am amongst first few customers who booked an apartment at Shriram Panorama Hills, last week we had been to our apartment and we are delighted to see the beautiful visuals from windows and from almost all balconies. Now we are confident that it will become one of the best places to stay.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Anant Barbadikar

Shriram’s assurance of quality by appointing Jurong as Architects & BL Kashyap as Contractors. Site’s proximity to epicentre of Vizag, upcoming 100 feet VUDA road running from NH5 to Rushikonda Beach road dissecting commercial & residential parts of the project & panoramic sea view makes it AP’s most desirable integrated township project from investment point of view & has compelled me to buy not 1 but 8 apartments !

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Bhavishya Gupta

Our search for an ideal home stopped right at the door of Shriram Panorama Hills, Madhurawada, Vizag, and now. We are on the way to the proud ownership of the most modern and prestigious Villa Property in this neighbourhood featuring the rarest combination of Sea, Hills and Valley. Greenery all around with a picturesque locality and panoramic view. All your needs are taken care of and in the fastest growing metropolis in Asia. Thank you Shriram Panorama Hills for giving us the home of our dreams.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Dr. K S Chakravarthy

We are very impressed with the quality of work done by Shriram Panorama Hills .It is a privilege to deal with an organization that is so responsive to the customer’s needs and is willing to make the process so easy and effortless.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Mrs. Mulagada Vani Janaki Lakshmi

The Panorama hills located in Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam is a highly prestigious housing project venture which is under construction is designed with good layouts, amenities and infrastructure matching on par with international standards of Malaysia and Singapore. I have seen the construction place, it was splendid and the site location was very beautiful for anyone to have a pleasant stay as it is surrounded by hills on all sides. The site is more of a township with all the built in facilities catering to the needs of everyone.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- N B V Shivaram

We always talk of dream houses, without even knowing what a dream house is until you witness “Shriram Panorama Hills”. I am a very happy customer with an amazing future in Panorama Hills. A real luxury living besides the sea and a total of 80 acres close to nature with world class facilities. I personally congratulate Shriram Properties for their commitment, courage, and quality rendered. While it is great to be a Vizagite, it is greater to be in Shriram Panorama Hills, Vizag. Investment in Shriram Panorama Hills is like a true gilt edged investment in real

Shriram Panorama Hills

- V Durga Rao

We found exactly, what we were looking for. After looking for several years for the right piece of land, for me and my family, I came across The Real Estate Company Shriram Properties in Vizag. I called and decided to come to see the property. I stayed overnight in Vizag and decided to buy a house in Shriram Panorama Hills in Vizag. I bought the flat after I found the right property me and my children were looking for.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Vijay Kotha

We as a family found Shriram Properties – Vizag project an ideal investment for our retired life. Apart from the location, its landscape and the spacious planning was what made us to invest in the project. Of course, the pricing seemed very competitive and the service very professional.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- D.Balasubramanyam

It’s my dream to have a luxurious apartment at Vizag which should be similar to the apartments where I lived in foreign countries like USA, Malaysia for some time… I am excited to fulfill my dream through Shriram Panorama Hills which is equivalent to foreign style high-end apartment with Sea view having all the facilities to lead a comfortable life.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Mr. Sreekar Boyina & Smt Jayasree Boyina

Shriram Properties, are known for their Mega housing Projects which are ranked as premium property once they get completed. I consider myself beneficial to be one of their customers in their Vizag Project which will see the light of the day by April ’13. I presume that they will live up to their market reputation and make me the proud owner of my dream villa as promised. I have no hesitation in recommending SPH to anyone who intends to have a similar villa.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Mr. Chadalavada Venkateswara Rao

I’ve been a resident of Bangalore since years but I’ve always rented. Me and my wife decided it was high time to buy a property and Shriram Properties was our obvious choice. We have a three bedroom apartment in ShriramSpurthi in Brookfields and we love it here.

Shriram Spurthi

- Rajit Kammar

We were looking for a retirement home and came across Shriram Samruddhi in Whitefield. Our children stay abroad and it’s just me and my wife here. We wanted to buy a cozy two bedroom apartment for us and found one here. Shriram Properties provides great service and delivered our apartment on time and the transition was smooth.

Shriram Smrithi

- Khalil Mohammed

I have chosen Shriram Properites because of the reliability & credibility of the builder. They have completed their earlier projects on time.

Shriram Shankari

- K. Manjunath Shenoy

I am an auditor & I have studied Prestige, Sobha, Shriram Properties and Shriram Properties is a clean developer. I may introduce 3 to 4 friends of mine to this project. That is my ambition.

Shriram Shankari

- Gajanan S. Bhat

Reason for choosing Shriram Properties is that they are a reputed builder. I have chosen Southern Crest because of the location, it is luxurious, the rate is reasonable and their quality of construction is good.

Shriram Southern Crest

- K. Swaminathan

I am an old customer of Shriram Properties. My relationship with Shriram Properties is now over 12 years. 10 years ago, I had booked at Shriram Shreyas and they have delivered the project before time. Their Quality of construction is very good and facilities are good. I am happy that Shriram has a project in South Bangalore. I have booked an apartment at Shriram Southern Crest as the location is good. It is close to Gandhi Bazaar.

Shriram Southern Crest

- K. V. Nandakishore

We invested in this project because of the location. I grew up in Jayanagar & want to live in old Bangalore only. We have heard good reports of Shriram Group and we felt that we can safely go ahead. The connectivity of this project is very good.

- Kala Nilakantan Iyer

I have full trust & confidence in Shriram Properties & their quality of construction. I am looking forward to moving here.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Kapil C. Pandey

I have been a part of Shriram Properties for 2 1/2 years. I can’t wait to start living in this location. JP Nagar is very close to our heart.

- Prasanna Venkatesh Katti

I was introduced to Shriram Properties by a friend of mine & the builder is very credible. Shriram Southern Crest location is bang on the Ring Road, nest to JP Nagar Metro Station. The sample flat is very good.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Premanshu Singh

This is one of the few properties in the heart of the city which is reasonably priced. The location is a big advantage. It is good value for money.

- Sathish V Morey

I got to know about Shriram Properties from my relatives. They are very trustworthy.

Shriram Chirping Woods

- Rekha T. N

We have been associated with Shriram Properties for 10-15 years now. Shriram has come up very well in the residential sector. It is a brand you can trust. What I like about Shriram Southern Crest is its location. It is very conveniently located, just next to J P Nagar metro station. Location is the big positive for Southern Crest.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Sameer Vijay Gokhale

They have completed their earlier project on time. There was good open space in their project.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Mrs. Nandakishore

I have heard a lot about Shriram Properties. We were looking for a reputed name & we have checked with others. The location is convenient, close to JP Nagar Metro Station. Shriram has got a good name and we want to go with Shriram Properties.

- Sindhura Aiyappa

Shriram Southern Crest is located in the heart of the city. The site plan is excellent, service is superb and we share a warm relationship with Shriram Proprties.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Srinath Kulkarni

Southern Crest is very close to everything. It is close to my children’s school. They are credible builders.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Sushma

I like Shriram Properties. My Admin Director also recommend Shriram to me.

Shriram Panorama Hills

- Swapna Ghosh

Shriram Properties has got a very good reputation. They have built many projects in different locations of Bangalore & have earned a good name. Southern Crest is centrally located in J P Nagar.

Shriram Southern Crest

- Venkataramu C B

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