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Published: 21 Mar 2023

Land investment is, without a doubt, a sensible strategic decision for investors looking to make healthy returns on their capital. To put it another way, land or property investment in 2023 is a resounding yes. Since land is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive as a resource, it is a sure asset for investors that allows them to diversify their portfolios while earning higher returns with reduced risks.

The reasons why land investment is considered the best kind of investment are as follows:

1. Land needs the least maintenance

Owning a piece of land provides financial stability and peace of mind since it remains in excellent shape and rises in value without any maintenance. As a result, experts advise investing in branded plots and purchasing property for future development. In any case, you'll be able to sell your land for a higher price in the future.

2. The land is a real asset

Investing in an empty plot of land is far less risky than investing in stocks. It is not going to vanish or lose its worth overnight; instead, currency and monetary values will be unstable in the worst-case scenario. Regardless of the ongoing status of the global economy, the value of land continues to rise.

3. Comparatively less competition for new investors

When it comes to RERA-approved, branded land investments, there is limited competition, making it comparatively easier to enter the market as a buyer and acquire your first acre of land (your first deal) for a reasonable price. Because land is less expensive than residential flats, it is an excellent capital investment for people on a tight budget.

4. Exempts investors from paying a variety of other closing costs

Unlike other real estate assets, once purchased, the land does not require any power bills, mortgage payments, insurance, or roof repairs or replacements. Moreover, property taxes are the least expensive, so your asset will not incur unexpected expenditures and will quietly appreciate.

5. Grants flexibility

Buyers usually prefer the liberty to design and create their homes according to their interests, preferences, and comfort. It is because individuals are more inclined to build houses that will last a long time or may wish to sell them off to develop a commercial or residential property. In any case, the rates of return on land investments will be frighteningly high.

The value of land will increase if it is located in an area with strong infrastructure and connectivity. It’s a fantastic money-saving investment that will pay off handsomely in the future. Shriram Chirping Ridge at Sarjapura, Shriram Pristine Estates at Doddaballapur Main Road, Stagename Rhapsody at Eden at Devanahalli, and Shriram Westwoods off Mysore Road are planned investment projects, that may be cited here.