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Published: 23 Mar 2024

Bengaluru, once known as the Garden City of India, is facing an unprecedented water crisis. As we witness the rapid urbanization and proliferation of new projects in Bengaluru, the question on everyone's mind is how we can address this pressing issue sustainably and responsibly.

Amidst this crisis, it is imperative for organizations, especially those involved in real estate development, to proactively consider and implement green solutions for water reserves and supply in their residential projects across Bengaluru. By embracing sustainable practices, we can not only mitigate the current water scarcity but also ensure a reliable and efficient water supply for the future generations.

The current condition of Bengaluru's water resources paints a grim picture - borewells are running dry, lakes are being encroached upon, and the once-lush city is facing a water crisis like never before. The rapid urbanization and unchecked development have further exacerbated the situation, putting immense pressure on the already strained water supply infrastructure.

One of the key concerns facing Bengaluru residents is the reliance on tanker water supply for their daily needs. This practice not only leads to exorbitant costs but also puts undue pressure on the already stressed water sources. Implementing rainwater harvesting systems, wastewater recycling mechanisms, and efficient water management strategies in the residential projects could significantly reduce the dependence on external water sources and promote self-sufficiency.

As a leading real estate developer in Bengaluru, Shriram Properties understands the urgency of adopting green practices for water reserves and supply in its residential projects. As Bengaluru stands at a crossroads in its water management journey, Shriram Properties is sensitizing their residents on prioritizing water-efficient practices through smallest of actions like - car cleaning with only a bucket of water, checking tap conditions & rectifying leakage, and such responsible urban living to avoid unnecessary waste of water.

Shriram Properties is committed to Green Building practices as an integral part of sustainable development initiatives. We aim to advocate, develop, and exemplify sustainable practices that benefit both nature and the community. The company endeavours to elevate sustainability standards within the real estate industry by integrating sustainable principles into all aspects of our business operations, from product design to customer usage. Water conservation is a primary focus area, with comprehensive measures being implemented at properties encompassing water management, wastewater treatment, and groundwater rejuvenation. The focus on sustainability has been consistent since inception, with projects consistently adhering to stringent standards and incorporating best-in-class sustainable features. With a customer base predominantly consisting of environmentally conscious millennials, Shriram Properties prioritizes implementing technologies & solutions related to water and power consumption and other sustainability features.

The water crisis in Bengaluru serves as a rallying call for united action. Together, let's pave the way towards a future resilient to water scarcity. As we confront the city's challenges, may our joint endeavors illuminate a path towards a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.