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Published: 15 Jul 2020

Many of the new houses built in cities are getting smaller and smaller and these space constraints are observed by more or less every house owner. It can get frustrating to live in a small home where you never seem to have enough room for storage, furniture, and day-to-day life. You might also feel like moving somewhere else with a few more closets. But, did you know that there’s more space at your home for storage than you know?

1. The good old ottoman

Ottoman has many purposes in our homes, from coffee table to leg rest to just a simple surface to sit on. Ottoman does it all. You could suspend the seat from the legs or cut it open and store some books and small blankets. It could be your own custom stationery storage space also.

2. Kid’s toy chest

Our homes are filled with kid’s toys lying everywhere. Sometimes it can be a scattered mess all over your home. One way to actively involve your kids to clean up after playtime is to build them something like a community chest so that our little ones can store their prized possessions in it after their playtime. You can make this community chest look attractive by painting it golden. Involving the kids to do so will increase there enthusiasm to clean up after playtime even more.

3. Under your bed

“Under the bed” as shady as it sounds, it the most ancient place for storage yet underutilized in today’s modern times with our think & sleek furniture. However, here is a clever way to use up the “under-bed space”. Use large plastic containers or stainless steel trunks for storage. You can even paint the stainless steel trunks according to your home decor & place under the bed in a stylish way that would add to the aesthetics of your home.

4. Cane baskets

This one is an environmentally friendly way to store & decorate your homes. Use large cane baskets & place them next to your bed-stand or in the lobby area. They not only amplify the looks of your home but also help in storing those guest towels & bed-sheets neatly without anyone knowing.

5. All around doors

Above the frame of the door and before the ceiling, there is a space or a platform that is close to the foot. This very space can also be utilized to store a part of your excess things. You can easily store books and big boxes. On the sides of the door, you can also place hooks and hang clothes.

Now get started and leverage these double solutions for the efficiency of space and time.