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Published: 10 Aug 2020

Located just 10 kms from the thriving metropolis of Kolkata, Uttarpara will soon emerge as an industrial and commercial hub. At one point, it was popular for the iconic Hind Motors factory. Now, however, huge investments that have been pouring in have led to rapid development in the area and an increase in property value. From being a lesser-known suburb near Kolkata, it has now emerged as an important satellite town and a city of a million dreams ever since Shriram Properties has envisioned to build a 314-acre mega-city here. The growth potential of Uttarpara is only been increasing ever since Uttarpara’s future looks brighter than ever. Here are the top five factors contributing to the rise of Uttarpara’s reputation as Kolkata’s sister city.

1. Easy Connectivity

Uttarpara is very well connected to Kolkata by road, rail and waterways, offering residents multiple options for a seamless commute. With the upcoming Dakshineshwar Metro Station, there is an overall increase in demand for this area. The smooth, wide road ensures that travel time is greatly reduced and hassle-free. State Highway 6 is another major road that runs through Uttarpara and is an important connecting route in the city. Uttarpara Station is part of the Kolkata suburban railways system. It offers those living and working in this locale a quick, traffic-free way to travel. There is also a ferry service that operates from here to North Kolkata, which makes the commute more scenic as you travel through the famous Hooghly River, the lifeline of West Bengal.

2. Premium Residential Projects

As Uttarpara’s connectivity and social infrastructure improves, the number of quality residential projects has also increased. Sensing the current and future potential of this area, developers have taken a keen interest in initiating premium residential projects here. Shriram Grand City, for example, is the most ambitious project in the city, with luxury homes, commercial spaces, green parks and world-class healthcare facilities. The 314 acre mega township also includes a shopping mall spread over 9 acres and a neighbourhood bazaar. Since it is also self-sustained, residents can enjoy every convenience of modern life within the proximity of their homes and become a part of a thriving community. This ensures that those moving to Uttarpara for promising career prospects don’t have to compromise on their quality of life. Shriram Grand City has already launched 2 projects. The first is Grand One @ Shriram Grand CitySunshine One @Shriram Grand City.

3. Prestigious Educational Institutions

For families who are considering moving to a new locality, their primary concern is always their children. The absence of good quality schools can be a deal breaker for families even if the area has enormous commercial opportunities. This is where Uttarpara has a clear advantage when compared to other up-and-coming localities. This city is home to many renowned educational institutions that offer students a world-class education. Sri Sri Academy, one of Kolkata’s best schools is set to open its second campus in Shriram Grand City. Vision International School is an ICSE curriculum co-educational school and is centrally located in Uttarpara. Hind Motor High School is another reputed school here, which offers your children the best faculty, infrastructure and opportunities to learn and grow. These institutions ensure that your children will enjoy an unparalleled quality education.

4. Rapid Commercial Development

Uttarpara’s prime location makes it the ideal place for companies planning to set up new offices. Shriram Grand City has fully-equipped modern and spacious office spaces, offering companies a convenient alternative to invest in. It also has numerous financial benefits for companies as the cost of buying or renting commercial spaces is relatively lower here. With increased commercial investments, the overall infrastructure and real estate value here is steadily growing. This will be one of the biggest contributing factors to Uttarpara’s rise as a real estate force to be reckoned with.

5. High ROI on Investments

One of the reasons why Uttarpara is becoming increasingly attractive for property investors is the comparatively low price of real estate. Since the city is still undergoing development, real estate here is significantly more affordable than Kolkata. This offers an opportunity for potential home buyers who want a home that is spacious but is also available at a reasonable price. Homebuyers can choose between Grand One & Codename Saat Rang Ke Sapne both projects come under affordable segments & both are HIRA registered. The guaranteed price appreciation is one of the factors why real estate is one of the best investment options. By capitalising on the lower prices now, real estate investors can expect to reap significant gains in the future.

Uttarpara is one of the most exciting investment destinations today. If you want to be a part of the growth of Kolkata’s sister city, explore Shriram Grand City. This one-of-a-kind integrated township by Shriram Properties offers the best of Uttarpara for investors & homebuyers.