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Published: 05 Aug 2020

The shift to sister cities post covid

As cities get populous and densely developed, there has been a shift amongst real estate investors to sister cities post-covid. There are several reasons for this positive shift. Sister cities are strategically located close to residential and commercial areas along with independent transport infrastructure. The testimony to this repositioning can be seen in Uttarpara, Kolkata. Now, ​Uttarpara is a sister city that is well-connected with Howrah via local rail (Howrah-Bandel line), the AH1 Delhi Highway. In fact, it is 30 minutes away from the International Airport, 15 minutes from the new & upcoming Dakshineshwar Metro Station & 25 mins away from the employment hub of Salt Lake City.

Uttarpara- the most desirable investment destination

From city connectivity to high appreciation value, Uttarpara is the most desirable destination today. But the most attractive reason is the affordable prices of real estate in today’s time. In these unprecedented times, this provides the investors with an opportunity to own a home that is spacious and affordable. Besides, the return on investment is high because ​commercial investments are growing manifold, and so is the overall infrastructure and real estate value. So, real estate investors can expect guaranteed price appreciation.

Shriram Grand City garners huge response amidst investors

Shriram Grand City is built strategically in this upcoming sister city for its plethora of advantages. ​Shriram Grand City spans across 314 acres. It offers 33 million sq. ft. of residential, commercial and entertainment avenues, along with healthcare, retail and educational facilities. The property offers 2 world-class schools for over 4000+ students, a renowned 5-star hotel, sprawling mall over 9 acres and everyday conveniences, 2 million sq.ft. office spaces, and more. Shriram Grand City has fully-equipped modern and spacious office spaces, offering companies a convenient alternative to invest in. Companies and Businesses get premium office spaces at very affordable rates and accessible locations to the city, making Uttarpara the dream destination for investment in 2020. So, when one invests in a home, they get a city in a 314-acre megacity.

Real estate market is undeterred by the global pandemic

Explore Shriram Grand City now to be a part of the growth of Kolkata’s sister city, because this is the right time to invest. The real estate market is in high demand because it ​is one of the most stable and non-volatile investments and is not affected by market sentiments. ​Shriram Properties is providing amazing deals on home with best in market prices and payment holiday for an entire year. So, when investors buy a property with Shriram Properties (for example) worth ₹1 crore, with the 1-year payment holiday they can easily save ₹7 Lakh – ₹9 Lakh. To ensure safety in the current scenario, Zero-contact Zero-risk online booking option is introduced, which has helped in driving sales in large numbers during these tough times.